The marble variety that has been discovered in Yunnan at present.

Yunnan is the birthplace of marble. As early as 1300 years ago, the “Pale White Jade”, “Colorful Flower” and “Ink Flower” collected from Dali, Yunnan Province, have become famous both at home and abroad, and have become a special term for marble carbonate decorative stone. So how many marble varieties are there in Yunnan?

According to statistics, there are more than 100 varieties of marbles in Yunnan, including white, yellow, black, red, green, purple, brown and light blue.

(1) White (gray) color series: The discovered varieties include “Gongshanbai”, “Fugongbai”, “Snow White”, “Screenside White”, “Hekou White”, “Hekou White Jade”, “Ice Flower” Dozens of white, "Shigubai", "Libaiyu", "Yulongbai", "Pale White Jade", "Shuihua", "Colorful Flower", "Wenshan White", "White Wood Grain", "Dian Baiyu", etc. The potential resources are predicted to be greater than 35 billion m3.

(2) Yellow series: including two series of light yellow and golden. (a) Light yellow series: The developed varieties include “Yunnan Beihuang”, “Shilin Beige”, “Baoshan Rice Noodle”, “Red Line Beige”, “Golden Line Beige”, “Bean Flower Beige”, “Athens Beige” and so on. The predicted potential resources are greater than 50 billion m3. (b) Golden series: The main varieties that have been discovered are nearly 20 such as “Golden Gui”, “Golden Jade”, “Zi Bihuang”, “Xiangshan Yellow” and “Yellow Agate”, and the potential resources are estimated to be more than 15 billion. M3.

(3) Black series: The varieties that have been issued include “Moyu”, “Jing Moyu”, “Black King Kong”, “Black Gold Flower”, “Black Ice Flower”, “Black Peony”, “Black and White Root”, “Shangri-La Black” There are dozens of "wooden jade" and "ebony", including the Heiyang Group, the Silurian Group, the Silurian, the Devonian, and the Triassic. The predicted potential resources are more than 100 billion m3.

(4) Red series: The varieties that have been issued include “Coral Red”, “Hong Xia Yu”, “Colored Jade Stone”, “Hong Li Yu”, “Nujiang Red”, “Pingyin Red”, “Plum Blossom Stone”, “ There are more than dozens of red dragon jade, and the potential resources are predicted to be more than 20 billion m3.

(5) Brown (brown) color series: The developed varieties include more than ten such as “Dark Brown Net”, “Light Brown Net”, “Red Line Brown Net” and “Brown Coral”, and the predicted potential resources are more than 15 billion m3. .

(6) Purple series: The developed varieties include nearly 10 such as “Ziyun”, “Muyushi” and “Red Sandalwood”, and the predicted potential resources are more than 5 billion m3.

(7) Green series: The discovered varieties include “Jinshan Green”, “Kunming Color Flower”, “Green Flower Stone”, “Gong Cui”, “Peacock Green”, “Emerald Green”, “Blue Flower Jade”, etc. Less than 100 million m3.

(8) Blue series: At present, only a few basic rock contact alteration belts near Kunming and Jianchuan and Honghe states have been found. The prospective resources are less than 100 million m3.

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Store in a cool, ventilated storeroom. Stay away from fire and heat. Keep the container seal. It should be kept separately from oxidants and alkaloids. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be equipped with appropriate material collection and leakage.

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