Automotive Prevention of Spontaneous Combustion

Automotive Prevention of Spontaneous Combustion Spontaneous combustion of the vehicle, a situation that does not seem to be easy to appear, but in a short period of one month, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in the northern part of Guangdong Province actually appeared in 9 auto-ignition accidents. Recently, under the influence of persistent high temperatures, aging of wiring harnesses, improper installation, loose connectors, erosion by rainwater, and engine compartment oil contamination caused more and more vehicle self-ignition due to circuit and oil circuit problems. Without "burning", the owner must pay great attention.

If you say that your car has a hidden danger of self-ignition, you must feel "nonsense", but if you have the following situations, you have to be careful.

1. Vehicle aging over 4 years old aging Many old vehicle owners have no concept for the life of high-voltage lines, battery lines, and electrical lines. They are rarely replaced during maintenance, and some owners have never even noticed these problems. It is understood that the electric current of the automotive circuit is prone to heat, and it is most prone to spontaneous combustion. When the age of a car reaches 4 years or more, the line will be aging, especially if the old car lines have been remodeled, and special attention has been paid.

2, retrofit resistance is not installed on many new cars may be installed reversing radar, anti-theft device, high-end audio replacement, improve the shape, etc., but in fact the fuse on the car, the fuse current is calculated through scientific calculations, such as the 10 amp circuit With a 5 amp fuse installed, the fuse is easily blown.

In addition, when these devices are retrofitted, if solder connections are not used but only wrapped with tape, the electrical resistance at the interface increases, the heat generation increases, and the probability of short-circuit increases. The resistance of the wires that are screwed together becomes large, and heat is generated when large currents are passed. The multilayered black tape does not easily dissipate heat, and it spontaneously ignites when exposed to a certain degree.

3, connectors loose, rain erosion Most automotive wire connectors are used connectors, the contact area of ​​these connectors, insertion force (determined by the elasticity and thickness of the copper sheet) is very important for safety. Therefore, connectors and slots should also be checked regularly. If the copper piece is burnt black, the shell is burnt and discolored. The erosion of rain will also cause the connector to be in poor contact, and the bad contact will cause the resistance to become larger and generate heat and cause hidden troubles. In addition, after a certain period of use, the connector is easily loosened, exposing the contacts and increasing the probability of spontaneous combustion.

4. Severe oil in the engine compartment If the car has cracked gasoline pipes, oil spills, or engine cover oil, it may cause fire in the event of an open flame. Some old models have residual oil and oil on the engine. The evaporation of gasoline in the engine compartment will increase correspondingly in the summer and will burn if an open flame is encountered.

5. When parking near the flammables, the cars currently produced are generally equipped with a three-way catalytic reactor, and the temperature of the device on the exhaust pipe is very high. If you are in a wrong position when parking, such as near a flammable object, a fire may occur.

In addition, due to the high ground temperature in summer, if the idling speed is on the side of the road, the highest temperature point of the exhaust pipe under the vehicle is higher than 800°C. If you park on the ground with hay, paint, or other flammable items, you will catch fire when baked for a long time.

6, the car put a flammable material Many car owners used to store waste cotton yarn in the car, towels, gloves, carbonated drinks, mousse, insecticides, perfumes, lighters, etc., and these items in high temperature, especially in the sealed space It is very likely to cause a fire.

Respond to the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle 1. Do a daily inspection. Check the oil circuit, especially the oil leakage of the chassis; check the circuit, especially the old and modified cars.

2. The best choice for interior decoration materials is fireproof.

3. Shut down the engine immediately after the vehicle is parked, check if there is any flammable source around it, and do not park it near flammable materials.

4. Do not place flammable articles in the car where it is exposed to sunlight. Try not to smoke in the car.

5. The vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher, pay attention to check whether it exceeds the number of years. If there is a fire during the driving process, it should first be reported as soon as possible and the initial remedy should be made with the fire extinguisher provided with the vehicle.

6. When the car is driving under high temperature for a long time, it should be rested in the middle, and do not allow the car to long-term exposure.

Eyes and nose combined with igniting signs of smoking. Before the auto-ignition of the vehicle, blue or black smoke can be seen at the cover gap of the hood and near the instrument panel, and the meter can become bright.

Burnt flavor. The car emits a burnt smell and rubbery odor, which is also an obvious precursor to spontaneous combustion.

For vehicles over 4 years old that need to be purchased from fuel-insurance for more than 3-4 years, the “self-ignition safety” should be insured, and the new car is recommended to choose insurance for 1-2 years. The vehicles that have been overhauled or substantially modified and have a relatively long service life are often recommended for long-distance operation.

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