What should I pay attention to when purchasing inverter air conditioner?

In the summer, the air conditioner has entered the traditional sales season. Faced with various publicity of the store, many consumers are worried about how to choose the air conditioner that suits them. In this regard, this issue of the Knowledge Center specifically targeted the market for a wide variety of inverter air conditioners, to introduce how to choose inverter air conditioners.

â– Energy saving

Since the inverter air conditioner does not open frequently, the compressor maintains a stable working state, so that the energy is reasonably used, and the air conditioner as a whole achieves the effect of energy saving of more than 30%, so the energy conservation of the product should be first paid attention to when selecting.

â– Cable control

Since the inverter air conditioner gradually reduces the rotation speed as the temperature approaches the set value, it gradually reaches the set temperature and maintains the low-frequency operation balanced with the loss of the cooling loss, and is no longer hot and cold, and is more comfortable. Some inverter air conditioners use unique technology, which can automatically adjust the operating frequency of the air conditioner (compressor speed) according to the change of the air conditioner personnel and the temperature change of the indoor and outdoor, and can achieve accurate temperature control up to ±0.1 °C. Imagine the comfort.

â– Fast cooling and heating speed

High-quality and high-efficiency inverter air conditioner adopts ultra-wideband compressor control technology, and with electronic expansion valve, the microprocessor can collect temperature information according to set temperature, room temperature, temperature sensor of expansion valve inlet and outlet, compressor suction pipe, etc. Quickly and accurately control the flow of cooling capacity in the system to achieve rapid cooling and heating.

â– Low noise

Good inverter air conditioner can run continuously at low frequency, it will not produce intermittent impact noise like ordinary air conditioner, and indoor and outdoor fan motor can be automatically adjusted to low speed silent operation according to the use condition, thus achieving indoor and outdoor double as low as 20 decibels. Silent effect. With the popularity of inverter air conditioners, consumers should not be deceived by some impractical and confusing technologies, and should pay attention to the actual system configuration of products.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Chen Wei

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