Summer furniture cleaning

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As the temperature continues to rise, the hot summer has arrived, and the home is easy to breed germs. However, the problem of furniture maintenance in the family has become a topic of concern for many owners. In summer, the light, temperature, humidity change rapidly, the air is humid, stuffy, the ultraviolet rays are strong, etc., which will affect the service life of the furniture. Especially air conditioning, air conditioning has become a must-have for our summer, then how can we properly maintain these furniture? How can we guarantee that you have a healthy and fresh air environment? Let me introduce the home maintenance tips in the summer, I hope to help everyone!

The first is the maintenance of solid wood furniture.

Most of the high-grade solid wood furniture has undergone strict drying treatment before leaving the factory, but in the long-term environment of excessive humidity, even the best solid wood furniture is easy to expand, which eventually leads to furniture deformation. The price of high-grade solid wood furniture is not cheap, so the maintenance of solid wood furniture in summer is still not to be underestimated. When maintenance, you can use professional wood furniture cleaner to wipe the surface of solid wood furniture. The surface of the furniture after wiping will form a protective film, which can prevent water vapor from penetrating into the interior of solid wood furniture to a certain extent, which plays a very good role in furniture maintenance. In addition, the surface of solid wood furniture with a good water-based paper or plastic paper stickers can also play a good role in moisture protection.

Followed by the board / panel furniture

The wood-based panel furniture is beautiful in appearance and affordable. Because the substrate plate needs to be sealed in the production process to achieve the function of insulating air and moisture, and some small manufacturers are not mature in technology, resulting in a situation where the sealing is not strict, it is easy to cause the plate to absorb moisture and cause the furniture to expand and damage. Most brand furniture has achieved four sides of the board at the same time, so there is no shortage of sealing. In summer, it should be waterproof. Use a waterproof pad under the easily absorbing furniture legs, close to the wall of the exterior wall and bathroom. Keep the ventilation distance.

Metal furniture is the most annoying, and it rusts accidentally.

Metal is easily rusted in wet conditions, and metal furniture is no exception. Every summer, the surface of metal furniture is prone to spots and fading, and the handrails or branches of the furniture are easily rusted. Therefore, the maintenance of metal furniture in summer should be scrubbed with a dry rag. If rust is present, it should be wiped off with a dish cloth or toothbrush with rust inhibitor. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture. Iron furniture should be replenished in time if there are rust spots.

After introducing the maintenance of furniture, we should pay attention to the air conditioning maintenance that we care most about. After using the air conditioner for a period of time, the filter, evaporator and air supply system will accumulate a lot of dust and breed bacteria. Cleaning the air conditioner becomes an essential point for air conditioning maintenance. What are the points to be paid attention to in the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners? How can we really do the deep cleaning of air conditioners? The following small series introduces you.

For the cleaning of air conditioners, we must know that the disassembly and cleaning is more thorough. If the cleaning agent is directly sprayed like the fins, since the other dead corners are not completely exposed like fins, it is inevitable that some places cannot be directly or conveniently blocked by the nozzles. Spraying, directly applying the method of cleaning the fins is difficult to clean thoroughly. However, the components that need to be cleaned by air conditioners today are all detachable components, and the corresponding components can be completely cleaned after being removed. The air conditioning disassembly cleaning is indeed more thorough, but the disassembly and installation of the parts do not know what to do. Therefore, when Xiaobian recommends deep cleaning of air conditioners, it is best to ask professional maintenance service personnel for cleaning and maintenance. On the one hand, it can avoid the wrong disassembly of the parts and cause the air conditioner to be damaged. On the other hand, it can make a "body check" on the air conditioner. It is generally recommended to do it before the peak season, so as not to catch up with the cleaning service during the peak season and delay the daily use.

When the air conditioner is not used in the season, apply the air conditioner cover to cover the air conditioner to prevent dust from entering the machine. Before using the air conditioner for the first time in summer or winter, remove the air conditioner cover, turn on the air conditioner power supply, and set the air conditioner to the ventilation mode. Open the doors and windows for ventilation, and remove the odor from the machine before use.

In addition, in the season when air conditioning is not used, it is best to keep the usage once a month. Because the core of the air conditioner is the compressor, the internal parts are coated with lubricating oil. If the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil will condense. When it is used again, the cooling (heat) effect may be poor due to poor compressor operation, and a serious compressor may be stuck.

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