Wooden door knowledge|Three aspects to prevent wooden door deformation

The wooden door is one of the most decorative woods that are most prone to deformation and cracking due to the use of wood processing, large flat area, and few fixed points. Since the deformed wooden door will directly lead to the sound insulation, airtightness and beauty of the house, it is of great importance to understand the deformation of the wooden door. Wooden door deformation is a more common problem, which not only makes consumers worry, but also makes the business headache. So why is the wooden door deformed and what are the solutions?

Natural wood has various factors in the growth process, resulting in uneven wood density (sunny surface, annual ring density, core material and sapwood). When the wood is shaved, the internal stress balance is changed. Deformation and cracking of wood. The high moisture content of wood is another major cause of deformation of the wooden door. As the water content decreases during use, the internal stress of the wood will slowly appear, eventually leading to deformation and cracking. At present, there are three main reasons for the deformation of wooden doors:

1. Moisture, high moisture content of wood is another main cause of deformation of wooden doors. With the decrease of water content during use, the internal stress of wood will gradually show up, eventually leading to deformation and cracking.

2. Design structure, whether the wooden door design structure is reasonable (including internal); whether it is made according to the process requirements in actual production; whether the glue is fully cured; whether the transportation and placement meet the requirements; the environmental condition of the use place is also caused by the deformation of the wooden door. important reason.

3, material problems, whether it is solid wood doors, or solid wood composite doors have wood composition, and wood and other objects have the characteristics of shrinking and swelling, wood logs are natural, the degree of deformation specified more serious than synthetic materials. Moreover, the wooden door has a large area and a small number of fixing points, so it is most likely to be deformed and cracked.

Since the wooden door is difficult to repair once it is deformed, the most important thing is to pay attention to maintenance. If the humidity in the room is heavier, it should be treated in time. It is very effective to use ventilation fans and ventilation. So what are the three main ways to prevent wooden door deformation?

First of all, we must start from the purchase of wooden doors: 1. It is relatively dry when the hand touches the cold. If you can't even feel this, I can't teach you. 2. The weight is light, and the wood is naturally dried. Lighter than water-containing wood. To pick up on the building materials market, you can use this trick; pinch a piece of wood chips, feel your own dryness; 4, listen to the sound of woodworking planers, push the sound of the planing crisp, the wood is smooth, the shavings are hot, the instructions are dry On the contrary, it is wet; 5, the knuckles are squatting, and the sound is crisp, indicating that the sound is relatively dry, and the wet sound is relatively dull.

Secondly, the high moisture content of wood is another major cause of deformation of the wooden door. As the water content decreases during use, the internal stress of the wood will slowly appear, eventually leading to deformation and cracking. The main means of preventing wood deformation: using mechanical and technical methods to change the internal stress and water content of wood, the most effective and most common way to change internal stress is to finger-join the pine or fir (the two types of wood have less stress) . The method of changing the moisture content of the wood is to perform secondary drying (natural drying followed by steam drying). The quality of the processing in the production of wooden doors, such as pressure, temperature, balance layer, gluing and other factors of the press will directly affect whether the wooden door is deformed or cracked during use.

Finally: due to the uneven density of wood during the growth of natural wood, with the change of climate during use, and some inferior sealant can not effectively isolate the air into the channel of wood fiber, the wood will be in the high humidity air. It absorbs moisture and produces changes in internal and external stresses that cause deformation and cracking. Use a protective wax or a special cleaner to evenly coat the surface of the wooden door, then gently wipe it to keep it shiny and moisture-proof. In hot weather, try not to use a cloth with water directly to clean it. At the corner of the house, use some Dehumidifying equipment such as moisture absorbing box and activated carbon. In addition, it is necessary to remove the humidity in the room in time, often using ventilation fans and ventilators to ventilate and ventilate. Indoor plants can be placed on the balcony or living room, not near the door, so as not to leak water during watering, causing the floor to be like a wooden floor. When foaming, the wooden door cannot be closed.

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