Invisible screens purchase


Nowadays, the best screen screen brands are: Zhongyu, Jingpin, Wendi, Yimeida, Yijia, Tianlan, only natural, Tianjin Mengxiu screen, Tianjin Hyundai, Tianjin Jiegaojia, Jiuhua Zebo and so on. ..

2. Profile

Now the market is mainly divided into aluminum alloy and plastic steel products. The market for aluminum alloy profiles is divided into engineering and home improvement. The warranty period of engineering screens is about 2 years, and the warranty period for home screens is generally one year. Because the window screens are long, the home screens are installed.

Recommendation: The owner looks at the strength of the aluminum alloy when selecting enough screen doors and windows because there is a big difference in the thickness of the profile.

3. Bearing

Bearings are divided into ordinary bearings and fully sealed bearings.

Suggestion: Because Beijing has a lot of wind and sand weather, the ordinary bearing is an open bearing. If it enters the dust, it will not work smoothly. It is best to buy a fully sealed bearing.

4. Spring

The material of the spring wire is the most important. The spring is divided into a spring for the window and a spring for the door.

Suggestion: The brand screens of large manufacturers will definitely use spring steel wire with good material. It is recommended not to be cheap. Because it is an invisible accessory, after installing the screen door, take a few more shots to see the rewind effect. If you don't feel happy, then pay more attention.

5. Gauze

The gauze is divided into a glass fiber mesh and a polyester coated chemical fiber mesh.

Recommendation: Glass fiber mesh is the most popular gauze on the market. It is characterized by flame retardant, anti-aging, strong flexibility and not easy to damage. The quality of the export type gauze of Tianjin Glass Fiber Factory is the best in China. Polyester coated chemical fiber nets are mainly used for folding screen doors, and some areas have been banned.

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