WakaWaka Solar Mobile Charging Station

Everyone knows that after the mobile power supply is used up, it needs to be recharged. The charging method is the same as that of the mobile phone. However, when the power of the mobile power supply is used up, what should you do if you do not have the power supply in the outdoor area? This WakaWaka solar mobile charging station may be able to help you.

WakaWaka Solar Mobile Charging Station

WakaWaka is different from the general mobile power, it can put the mobile phone very well, users do not have to worry about the location of the phone. The most important thing is that WakaWaka uses solar charging, which can quickly add power, even if it is in the wild. WakaWaka's built-in 2200mAh capacity is a certain gap from the current mainstream 5000mAh, but it is also enough for the mobile phone to perform a full charge.

WakaWaka Solar Mobile Charging Station

WakaWaka Solar Mobile Charging Station

The current WakaWaka mobile charging station for solar energy is priced at 49 US dollars, equivalent to about 305 yuan.

Sodium Humate is made by Humic Acid and sodium hydroxide,generally it's used as Feed Additive for different animals,it's also widely used for industry.

For animal use,sodium humate has the following important function:

1.Build up health,improve immunity and meat quality,reduce mortality about 60%.

2.Promote growth,increase the weight around 10%.

3.Increase utilization rate of poultry feed.

4.Control ammonia&nitrogen,reduce odour caused by excrement and urine,improve the environment for aminal.

5.If used for chicken feed additive,it can help to increase laying rate 8-15%.

6.Complex with the trace elements in feed,promote the absorption and utilization of trace elements,reduce the influence of heavy metals on feed.

Sodium Humate

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