How Video Surveillance System Works

We all know that video surveillance can be of great help to us. Video surveillance is like a robot that works all day and helps us keep watch. You can also remotely monitor your home or office.

The video surveillance system is an important part of the security protection technology system, and it is an advanced comprehensive system with strong prevention capability. It can directly monitor the situation of the monitored location through the remote video camera and its auxiliary equipment.

So, you understand what the video surveillance system works?

Video surveillance system is the physical basis for real-time monitoring of key sectors or important places in various industries. The management department can obtain effective data, images or sound information through it, and timely monitor and memorize the process of sudden abnormal events to provide Efficient and timely command and height, layout of police force, and handling of cases. With the rapid development and promotion of current computer applications, the world has set off a powerful wave of digitalization. Digitalization of various devices has become the primary goal of security protection.

The performance features of the video surveillance system are: real-time display of the monitor screen, single-channel video image quality adjustment function, each video recording speed can be set separately, fast retrieval, a variety of video recording mode setting functions, automatic backup, PTZ/lens control functions , network transmission, etc. Add a time generator to superimpose the time display into the image.

Video surveillance can not only monitor the picture, but also hear the sound, so video surveillance can be applied to a bank, hospital, school, building access, home, community and many other places.

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