Smart DIY exclusive 13 DIY handmade furniture

Sometimes, the hand-made fabric animals return to the original, although there is no exquisite and beautiful face, but it has a cute shape, a funny expression. Do-it-yourself, one-on-one production of home decoration, each one is unique, not only can bring fun to your life, but also bring you a childlike pastoral flavor. The heart is not as good as action, Chengdu home decoration Xiaobian This will introduce you to 13 super cute super kawaii hand-woven jewelry ~

Part 1: Fashion Home Department

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended one: manual DIY fabric doodle school bus paper box

Handmade home decorations: I saw the school bus, which reminded me of my childhood. Its appearance is basically the same as that of the school bus, and there are cute little animals on the window to make it more vivid and realistic. But it is not used for riding, it is a paper box! Many creative boxes, the children's paper towels can have a place to lie! I love it, just like my school bus.

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended two: Diou manual DIY ocean wall clock

Have you seen such a creative fashion wall clock? The alarm clock at home is always so constant, and I am bored. Don't worry, make a marine wall clock and hang up your favorite gadgets. This wall clock makes you feel a lot of fun.

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended three: manual DIY sailing trip multi-purpose mobile phone bag

The blue background is like the vastness of the sea. Ocean sailing is your dream. This mobile phone bag, stylish and generous, both beautiful and practical, is really an indispensable thing for Chaozhou MM.

Part 2: Cute dolls

DIY handmade furniture

Elephants of all colors, pure and individual.

DIY handmade furniture

Cute dogs ~ ~ all kinds of, proud VIPs vividly.

DIY handmade furniture

Pets are big!!

DIY handmade furniture

Penguin dolls and small seals.

Part 3: Colourful

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended one: luxury flower blue fur rattle

Perfect for your lovely kids, this is a great shower gift! It's made entirely of wool and silk. Colorful colors make your child feel refreshed!

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended two: pet apple jingle ball

This is a cute apple-like ball. This is a wonderful green toy for your kids!

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended three: Valentine's Day love insects prepare boat rattle

A wonderful gift, for the day I said I love you. The normal size is smaller than the jingle ball, which is adapted to the size of the cute palm. A wonderful and safe gift for your children to play.

Part 4: Creative and cute

DIY handmade furniture

Recommendation 1: Panda fur ball jingle

This cute little panda ball is very light, and it looks like a sleepy expression. It has a bell that is set in its core and cheerfully jingled.

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended two: Diou non-woven manual DIY pendant

The material is comfortable, so it feels soft. Simple and easy to do, a trace of the line represents my affection for you, with a pendant to pin my love for you.

DIY handmade furniture

Recommended three: big girl coffee color non-woven coin purse

In the design of the big head as a bag, looks cute, many sisters should like it. This section can put some small items such as change, bank cards, trinkets and so on.

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