Three reasons for ground cracking and preventive measures

1. The settlement and tearing of the foundation part of the ground causes the ground stone to crack.


Before laying the marble, understand the form of the ground structure, observe whether the structure is a rigid body, whether the cushion with the cushion is hollow or cracked. When laying the stone on the expansion joint of the building and the settlement joint, it is necessary to select the corresponding method according to the atlas. The construction of the disconnection must be disconnected, and it should not be simple and straightforward.

Second, the natural defects of marble. Some marbles have many natural defects, such as cracks, sand holes, loose, and sandwiches.

If these defects are not repaired and compensated in advance, once they are laid on the ground and exposed to moisture and some harmful pollution, they will be the first to cause lesions and damage in the defective parts and thus expand, like silver line beige, Gold flower beige, brown net and so on.


1 In the selection of ground marble materials, we should give correct opinions to Party A according to the characteristics of the stone. Stones with softer stone materials such as wood grain and stone, such as gold century beige and other stone cracks, are not easy to choose. Used as ground stone;

2 Before carrying out the stone paving, it is necessary to inspect the board surface and find that there are dark cracks, clips and other stones with quality hazards to be removed;

3 In the construction of large-scale ground stone, it is best to leave a natural seam of 1~2mm between the plate and the plate. Do not completely cover the seam to prevent the stone from cracking due to the temperature difference and the internal water pressure of the stone.

Third, the external damage caused the ground stone to crack, including improper construction techniques, and the pressure during use was too large.


When paving stones, you should use a rubber hammer to strike the stone. The tapping force is appropriate, and it is easy to lightly knock and spread. The marble floor during use, due to the pressure of exceeding the load, will also cause the ground to crack. It should be prohibited. When the project is written in the completion stage, it should be explained.

Plastic Waterstop Seal provides water barrier across all joints in concrete structures by placing Water Stops into edges of adjacent concrete components. Water Stops are essential for use in all water retaining and water excluding structures, being capable of withstanding water pressure from either internal or external face.

Plastic back waterproof belt

Rubber Water-Stop Belt utilizes the rubber is high elasticity and the compression deformation characters, have the elastic deformation under each kind of load, thus to effective fastening seal, guards against infiltrates and leaks. It has high elasticity, ageing resistance, low compression deformation and good tearing strength performance.

steel rubber waterstop belt

Features of  waterstop
1. The  waterstop will expand when getting in touch with water, so allowing it to come into closer contact with the concrete, creating a better water-stop result.
2. Different thicknesses structure of  waterstop is adopted for the cross section, which is divided into the high-strength area, the waterproof area and the installation area, allowing for uniform and reasonable stress for all portions.
3. There is installing hole at installation area of waterstop, it could facilitate fixed with adjacent reinforced, and not produce shifting. Construction of our Rubber Water stop is convenient
Steel side waterstop

rubber Water-Stop Belt function: mainly used for the tunnel and bridge project,such as the overpass ,water and electricity projects etc.
two types:1 affixed to the back-half hole in the middle 
               2 embedded in the middle with hole
features: good flexibility; strong ability to adapt to the deformation;simple structure;reliable water tight seal.
concrete specifications can be requested by client.
Watertight hose in rubber

Rubber back waterproof belt

Water-stop Belt

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