Commonality of European lamp brands

The European lamp has developed to this day and the market is very mature. I remember that when I visited the Qixiang lighting market in Chongqing at the time, the whole market, the European lights were red, doing home lighting, commercial lighting, but if there is a little space in the store, it is necessary to see the pins hanging on the European lights, it seems Without this product, I don't know how to sell it. At that time, the slogan of Qixiang Lighting City was: one is also wholesale. This is true, whether it is a lantern or a lighting product, or a light source, one is sold to you, the dealer gets the goods, and the wholesale is also sold. Many manufacturers are excited to see such hot scenes, especially the manufacturers of European lamps. Of course, European lamps can enter the wholesale market. There is an important premise. The price must have sufficient advantages. In this market, only some less famous manufacturers are sold, and the price is very low.

Last year, I went to Henan to inspect the market. Many merchants even put the crystal lamp products off the shelf and started to wholesale European lamp products. And all over the street, there are specialty stores and agents of European lamps everywhere. Many merchants have no interest in other products except European-style lamps. The trend is so, the trend is so, many merchants are passively wrapped up in an unprecedented booming European lamp sales scene, and can not extricate themselves.

Since the market share continues to grow, how can we get a piece of the competition in the fierce competition as a European-style lamp company? This is a question of brand communication and promotion. After research, the author found that all the better brands, such as the iron-based Catherine, the small American-style beauty, Effie, Dina, resin-based Axton, Kamic , Obias, Bojue 99, Oldenburg, Dadardan, Royal Rose, Velia, etc., all of which have several distinct characteristics:

First, they all have strong manufacturing capabilities, large scale, large display area, and each product has its own characteristics. At first glance, it seems to be the same, the actual is not the same, there are professional teams in R&D, advocating originality. Against plagiarism. From elbow hardware to resin wrought iron molding, it is basically produced by itself, with few outward processing. To a certain extent, this reflects the professionalism of the manufacturer and has the ability to better control the quality and speed of shipments.

Second, the shipment speed is fast, and many brands have a certain inventory. In particular, Kamaiqi, it is now publicizing: the first speed of shipment. Think about it, it is not easy to get the first shipment speed. First of all, the production cycle of European lamps is relatively long, and most manufacturers have to take 15--25 days or even longer. There are many reasons for this, so I won't go into details here. The only solution is to prepare the stock, the merchant orders, that is, the delivery. This means that the inventory risks of the merchants are passed on to the manufacturers, which greatly tests the management capabilities of the manufacturers and increases the risk factor of capital investment. With hundreds of millions of inventories, many manufacturers without strength are discouraged.

Third, the marketing ability is strong. These brands, such as the Lion Tigers standing at the top of the food chain, have always taken the initiative to attack, all-round marketing, from aerial advertising, to ground forces, busy and not chaotic. Always find patterns in the ever-changing market and plunder high-quality resources.

Of course, in addition to the above reasons, there are many factors that determine the status of the brand, and here, no longer list them. However, the author has to tell a lot of brands to do business, "forget the war must be dangerous", marketing or mode, in today's full of variables, the only constant change of the brand is the truth, this is the truth, with all of you.

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