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Full-function CNC bearing heater

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-10-08

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Full-function CNC bearing heater type: YG51-DKQ-V
Bearings are important components that are widely used in mechanical transmissions; however, during the installation and repair process; the “overfill” caused by the need for public service cooperation is very difficult to operate; generally the external pressure or flame heating, oil heating is applied to the bearings. Or use the most primitive skills, such as tapping with a hammer; this method is easy to form the shaft to be napped; the bearing is damaged, the noise is increased; the service life is reduced; other energy consumption is high; the worker's labor intensity is high; The YG51-DKQ-I~V full-featured electronic numerical control bearing bushing heater developed by the factory has dealt with this problem; it is the first in the field of bearing application. The inner diameter of the bearing used for heating bearings is 115-200mm.
The bearing heater uses the large current in the transformer short-circuit ring and the eddy current thermal effect principle of the motor; introduces European and American skills and related electronic devices; selects high-precision temperature sensor; electronic numerical control display. Control bearing (set) temperature heating selection parameter table accurately The principle of metal thermal expansion, smooth supply of data for the cooperation of bearings (sets) and shafts.
First, the primary layout:
The main unit consists of power transformer, moving iron core (matching), temperature actuator, electronic digital display and other parts.
Second, application and operation:
1. According to the cooperation requirements of the bearing bushing and the shaft; the heating temperature will be found from the parameter selection table.
2, according to the inner diameter of the bearing; pick the core column of different diameter; and rotate the moving iron core on the heater panel; put the heating bearing on the moving iron core column; then the panel together with the moving iron core column Push together; make the transformer constitute a closed magnetic circuit.
3. Turn the heater's power splitter switch to the corresponding gear position; connect the power supply; according to the bearing, the inner diameter of the bushing, the heating time can be completed within 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
4. Pierce the temperature sensor end plug into the sensor socket of the heating base; then place the sensor temperature head in the inner ring of the bearing or bushing; press the bearing on the temperature sensing head and the table top; Its touch is outstanding; for accurate temperature measurement.
5, open the temperature digital display controller, and open the power switch; warm start; temperature digital display continuously shows the bearing heating temperature; when the temperature rises to the predetermined ambition temperature; can intercept the power supply, pull out the moving iron core, the panel Take out the bearing and insert the shaft diameter to be installed.
Fourth, note:
1. The heater heats up quickly. After the power is turned on; the gaze temperature display device should be intimately close; after the temperature rises to the reserved value, the power supply is turned off immediately; the temperature is too high to damage the bearing metallographic arrangement.
2, take out the heated bearings must pay attention to safety; avoid burns.
3. After the end of the application, push the temperature digital display into the machine; avoid breaking and blocking all power.

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