The 18th China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum was held

Abstract [China Superhard Materials Network News] On the afternoon of October 15, 2014, the 18th China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum was held in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. This year's Technology Forum has selected 22 industry papers, covering raw and auxiliary materials for superhard materials and superhard materials tools...
[China Superhard Materials Network News] On the afternoon of October 15, 2014, the 18th China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum was held in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. This year's Technology Forum has selected 22 industry papers, covering the entire industry chain of superhard materials, raw and auxiliary materials, superhard material tools and superhard materials production and processing equipment. Nearly 240 industry experts, scholars and business representatives gathered to share the industry's technology feast.

Zhao Bo, Secretary General of the Superhard Materials Association

The meeting was firstly reported by the Secretary General of the Association, Zhao Bo, "A Brief Analysis of the Development of Superhard Materials Industry in the First Half of 2013 and 2014". The report provides statistical data of national macroeconomic data, main indicators of economic operation of the industry, production of major products, and import and export in the first half of 2013 and 2014 in 17 statistical data sheets. Based on this, a brief analysis of the operation of the super-hard materials industry: economic growth seems to be lower than the national average, the production of super-hard materials continues to grow, synthetic diamond has exceeded 15 billion carats, most products prices have fallen, the import and export market is active However, the high-end market is still occupied by developed countries.

Compared with the national macroeconomic indicators, the growth rate of the superhard materials industry in 2013 was relatively low, which was not optimistic, especially the total profit did not increase substantially, indicating that the profitability of the industry enterprises was far below the national average. However, it is gratifying to note that the productivity of all employees has maintained a nearly double-digit growth rate, indicating that enterprises have made great efforts in reducing staff and increasing efficiency. Overall, China's superhard materials industry has grown steadily from January to June 2014, and it is expected that the indicators will be better than 2013.

Subsequently, the conference entered the technical paper presentation stage, and each technical paper site set up a questioning session to further improve the quality of technical exchanges in the industry.

State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Preparation and Science, Professor Wang Mingzhi, Yanshan University, “Development and Prospects of Direct Conversion of Superhard Nanocrystalline Polycrystalline Body Without Additives”

Beijing Tanlong Pyrophyllite Pressure Sealing Technology Research Center Deng Fuming "Study on the Pressure-Seal Sealing Properties and Mechanism of Yelaishi" and "The Development Status and Prospects of China's Superhard Tool High-speed Cutting Technology"

Introduction to the Technology of Making Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Diamond by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition in Taihang Technology (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.

National Abrasives Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Bao Hua "Application of Modern Testing Technology in Superhard Materials and Products"

Antai Technology Co., Ltd. Luo Xiyu "Analysis and Research on the Content of Diamond Oxygen Nitrogen and Other Magazines---Review on the Leap-forward Improvement of China's Diamond Quality"

FACT Jiangxin Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. to Zhenze "PCD Sheet Grinding and Polishing New Technology"

Hubei Exin Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Guo Dianyue "Study on the Fusion Mechanism of Zn and Sn Powders with Fe and Cu Based Prealloyed Powders at High Temperature"

Dong Shushan, Jilin University, "Armal Crack Analysis and Improvement Measures for Sintered Diamond Saw Blades"

Changge Huanghe Electric Co., Ltd. Wang Jiansong "Study on Diamond Saw Blades Made by Joint Filling Brazing Method"

Suzhou Saili Precision Tools Co., Ltd. Li Weichao "Preparation of Ceramic Bonding Diamond Grinding Wheel for PCBN Blade Surrounding Grinding" and "Application of Metal Resin Composite Bonding CNC Strong Grooving Grinding Wheel"

Zhengzhou Jianbin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Bo "Discussion on the Accuracy of Particle Roundness Test Results"

Duan Wen, National High-efficiency Grinding Engineering Technology Research Center, Hunan University, “Effect of EDM on the Surface Morphology of 120# Metal-based CBN Grinding Wheel”

Liu Yingkai, "Diamond Tools Engineering Technology Research Center of Hebei Province" "Impact of Graphite on the Performance of Diamond Tool Carcass"

China Steel Research Institute Co., Ltd. Han Juan "Development and Market of New Vacuum Brazing Diamond Tools"

Guangdong Xinjingang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Gong Qianbin "Optimized Design of Non-flat Ultra-thin Glazed Polishing Abrasives"

Changge Huanghe Electric Co., Ltd. Cao Qingzhong, "The Status and Development Direction of Brazed Diamond Technology and Equipment"

Guangdong Benlang New Materials Co., Ltd. Ou Chunlin "Study on Hot Pressing Temperature of Elastic Grinding Block for Glazing Brick Polishing"

Guangdong Benlang New Materials Co., Ltd. Ma Juanning "The Effect of Phosphorus Boron-Iron Content on the Properties of Iron-Based Carcass"

Finally, the meeting ended in a warm technical exchange atmosphere. (China Superhard Materials Network will provide you with the full content of the conference, so stay tuned.)

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