Subtle changes, the balcony is different

Subtle space change Change, it is different scenery

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The balcony is an extension of the interior. And this seemingly ordinary place, as long as a small change, you can become a pleasant little garden, or a viewing platform, gym, storage room, study, or a laundry room with both laundry and storage functions. ... For small units, make full use of space to meet a variety of needs, and balcony space should be better designed and utilized. Xiaoqiang Home can customize a powerful personalized balcony furniture for your home . Just make a small change and you will have a new view of your balcony.

Xiaoqiang home can be used according to the small size of the apartment, the space is not enough, or the indoor laundry sound affects the needs of life. The simple style and integrated design make the balcony space become a washroom with both laundry and storage functions. The daily laundry and washing needs of the owner can be completed, and the trouble of washing noise is solved. Save a lot of balcony space for you.

The storage area is high, without wasting space and increasing storage. It also makes the entire balcony space clean and harmonious. It is easier to take items by sorting them.

In other ways, it is a different style.

A few small changes have created different effects. The clothes can be placed under the balcony shelf, and some small pieces can be hung on the balcony frame. The locker next to it is used to store the laundry.

The only difference is that it is different everywhere.

This looks simple and refined, but it is very powerful. Combine laundry, flowers and plants, and the harmony does not conflict. The small flowers and plants are decorated and look spring.

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