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1. Details of AOT mining machine income: AOT charity coin mining machine system development, introduction of the charity coin AOT mining system bonus model, how much money is needed to develop similar AOT mining machine system
1. Micro cloud mining machine: price 15AOT, computing power 1GH / s, running period 30 days, total income 18A0T
2.Small cloud mining machine: the price is 100AOT, the computing power is 1GH / s, the operating cycle is 90 days, and the total income is 130A0T
3. Medium cloud mining machine: price 500AOT, computing power 1GH / s, running period 180 days, total income 800AOT
4.Large cloud mining machine: price 1000AOT, computing power 1GH / s, operating period 270 days, total income 2275AOT
5.Super cloud mining machine: price 2000AOT, computing power 1GH / s, running period 360 days, total income 5600A0T (AOT can be obtained at the trading center)

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