Wind-heating bath heater advantages and disadvantages of warm wind Yuba maintenance skills

Yuba believes that everyone is no stranger, one of the warm wind Yuba favored by the public, wind warmer for smaller bathroom space, it can quickly make the bathroom temperature relatively balanced, and the safety factor is relatively high, then, wind warm What are the advantages and disadvantages of Yuba ? Will it be difficult to maintain the warm wind bath ? Let's take a look at it right away.

One, wind-warming advantages of Yuba

1. Security: This is a priority for every consumer. Because wind-heating type bath heaters do not rely on warm lighting and no heat sources, they can work safely in wet places. Therefore, warm wind bath is very safe.

2. Temperature uniformity: The traditional lamp warm bath will appear local overheating or uneven indoor temperature conditions. The warm wind bath is relying on the air flow. After the cold air is heated by the original part, it is blown out. The cool air is sucked in through the air inlet, and the indoor warming is performed through the circulation of hot and cold air. Therefore, the warming effect is more even than that of a normal Yuba.

3. Soft temperature: traditional warm bath, just a special place to heat up, and lead to a relatively dry place, a long time will lead to scalp fever, causing the body to feel uncomfortable. The warming effect of the warm wind bath is relatively gentle, and the gentle overall increase in the ambient temperature makes the body comfortable.

Second, the disadvantage of wind-heating Yuba

The warm wind bath is the warming up of the entire space to achieve the role of Yuba. Therefore, the warming-up of Yuba is relatively slow, and it cannot instantaneously increase the temperature of the entire space. The larger the space, the slower the temperature rise. The warm wind bath used in general is a PTC ceramic heating, the cost will be higher than the ordinary lamp warmer. In addition, the use of warm wind Yuba power than the lights, the power of a single air outlet is generally about 1000W, so it will consume more power than the warm bath.

Third, the wind warmth type how to maintain clean

1, the wind-heating type Yuba will produce a lot of stains under long-term work, and in the clean-up of the Yuba stains should first cut off the power and confirm the case of no electricity, the light bulbs in the Yuba one by one to take down with a small amount of Wipe the rag with a cleansing agent. After the stain has been wiped off, dry it with a clean dry cloth.

2. It is also possible to use disinfectant or cleaning agent to clean the tension springs of the warm bath heaters and remove them from all corners of the box of the bathroom heater. There are four springs in total. In the bathroom surface and the surface of the bulb and the inside of the chassis to wipe, although the chassis is fixed on the ceiling, but in order to ensure the life of the bathroom heater, cleaning and maintenance is very necessary, oh.

Summary: Information on the advantages and disadvantages of air-heating bath heaters, maintenance and cleaning is introduced here. I hope these will help everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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