Flooring industry new retail game premise is based on physical stores

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In October of last year, Ma Yun put forward the concept of “new retail” at the Alibaba Cloud Assembly, saying that “new retail” will replace e-commerce. On March 10 this year, Red Star Macalline redefines "new retail" and interprets it based on the core content of "online and offline integration." "New retail" has become the future development trend, as the traditional flooring industry, but also from what kind of experience and lessons learned.

Offline becomes the top priority of "New Retail"

According to an article in Forbes magazine, Alibaba is currently moving from a pure e-commerce company to a mix-and-match business company that combines "the best e-commerce with the best physical stores." How to combine offline and logistics resources Some e-commerce gameplay upgrades are the key to the problem, so Ma Yun’s proposed new retail concept breaks down online.

For Meikailong, a red star with a strong line-up advantage, it is necessary to run counter to the operation of 200 shopping malls covering 142 cities across 28 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. To create a new home circulation company that combines the best physical stores with the best e-commerce companies, the problem that Red Star McLaren needs to overcome is how to go from offline to online.

Online and offline integration has become a major trend in the new era. However, whether it is going online or offline or offline to online is two completely different business models. Regardless of which model you choose, whether it is an e-commerce or a retailer, offline has become a top priority.

Flooring industry new retail game premise is based on physical stores

Physical stores are the best quality transition resources. The more developed the Internet, the more irreproducible offline business resources are more scarce, and traditional Internet companies such as Ali and Jingdong actively compensate for the physical store's shortfall.

For the traditional flooring industry, although the experience is less than other home building materials, but want to dominate the saturated floor market, a strong sense of scene experience is essential, and the source of the real experience is based on our offline entity shop. Li Bin, president of the Red Star Meikailong Furniture Group, stated in his interpretation of the concept of “new retail”: “Online information and convenient communication in Shanghai, temperature experience and professional services under the line, offline integration and mutual empowerment, Only in this way can a closed-loop service link be established.” In particular, the presence of a physical store is essential for the home industry with its own experience and service features.

The better the user experience, the higher the chance of choosing a floor product again, and the greater the stickiness to the floor product, the more likely it is to become a proud product in the flooring industry. The basic premise of a good user experience is to do a good job offline store. In the second half of last year, VR technology was tried repeatedly by various industries to improve the user experience, but the effect was still less than the direct and comprehensive experience and experience of human senses. Therefore, doing a good job offline is an upgrade to the floor store business. It is a key and irreplaceable link for the floor electricity supplier.

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