How to design the clothing store lighting? Clothing store lighting design

Clothing store decoration is an eternal topic for friends in the clothing store. Lighting design is an important part of the decoration of the clothing store. How is the lighting of the clothing store designed? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the clothing store lighting design plan, I hope to provide help for everyone.

How to design the clothing store lighting?


Clothing store lighting design 1, high-end brand clothing store decoration lighting: relatively low basic illumination (300LUX), warm color (2500-3000K) and good color rendering (Ra> 90). A number of decorative spotlights are used to create dramatic effects (AF 15-30:1) to attract consumers' attention to the latest fashions and to match the lighting of the clothing store.

Clothing store lighting design 2, general clothing store decoration lighting: average illuminance (300-500 LUX), natural color (3000-3500K) and good color rendering (Ra> 90). Combine the use of a large number of accent lighting to create a relaxed and dramatic atmosphere for the decoration of the clothing store (AF 10-20:1).


Lighting design of clothing store 3, lighting match of clothing store: Through the use of different cases, we will explain to you how lighting affects the display of goods and create a clothing store atmosphere. Clothing store decoration zm shelf display demand Sweaters and shirts are tiling or tilting on the shelves to allow your customers to see the goods at a glance, conveniently comparing texture, color, fabric, feel and workmanship.

Clothing store lighting design scheme 4, clothing store decoration lighting: the light directly on the clothes should be brighter (>1000 LUX). High-color sodium lamps (2500K) are recommended in high-end brand clothing store stores, while lighting is decorated in other general-brand clothing stores, clothing store decoration recommendations, halogen lighting or straight tube fluorescent lamps in clothing store decoration lighting (3000- 3500K). Better color rendering (Ra > 80) can guide your customers to make purchasing decisions.

The above is how the clothing store lighting brought to you by Xiaobian is designed? The whole content of the lighting design of the clothing store, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the lighting of the clothing store after reading this article, if you want to know more decorative advice, please click to enter the decorative knowledge channel.

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