How to distinguish environmentally friendly furniture

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1, look at the fabric: containing formaldehyde, heavy metals, dyes contain harmful organic matter.

2, look at the plate: all kinds of wood-based panel processing process requires the use of adhesives, hardeners, waterproofing agents and other chemical raw materials, these raw materials release substances harmful to the human body: free formaldehyde; mainly in the presence of urea-formaldehyde resin In the glue.

3, look at the metal fittings: the plating solution contains cyanide.

4, look at the adhesive: mainly in the processing of the use of adhesive links, containing formaldehyde, benzene and so on.

5, look at the paint: handle the paint on the surface of the furniture to see if it contains formaldehyde and benzene.

6, look at the glass: whether it contains lead.

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