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Now China's construction industry has developed faster than other industries. Because the level of economic development has improved, many people have made a lot of money and have the ability to buy houses. Therefore, many flats are built into buildings, and there are also business development needs. A tall building was built, and then the house needs to be renovated and decorated. Marble is a consideration and it looks very expensive, so that imitation marble lines can be made to decorate the wall and the ground. Isn't imitation something necessarily bad? Of course not, such as imitation marble is lighter than natural marble, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, the above pattern can also be controlled by human, more style than natural marble The style is more beautiful and the construction is also convenient. So what are the imitation marble line manufacturers ? Don't worry, here's a few good marbled lines for everyone to recommend for your reference!

How to imitation marble lines

I. Construction process:

Wall base treatment, scraping, wiping, coating anti-cracking mortar at the same time composite alkali-resistant glass fiber network cloth, scraping, wiping, coating flexible water putty 2-3 times, brushing, spraying, coating special sealing primer 1 times, brush, spray , paint the middle paint 1-2 times, elastic line, sub-grid, tape spray liquid granite coating 2 times.

The main advantages:

1. Environmental protection and energy conservation, environmental protection - water-based technology, energy-saving - effect of imitation stone presumably low energy consumption of stone.

2. True, imitation of natural granite in color, can be visually confusing, even better than natural effects.

3. Various decorative effects, can be flat coating, sand wall coating, real stone paint middle coating, to achieve different decorative effects of texture.

4. With strong creativity, you can arbitrarily change the shape of granite according to the designer's intentions. You can also flexibly reflect the lines and layers of buildings according to the design of the building itself, and can adapt to a variety of irregular building surfaces.

5. With excellent weather resistance, whether in the ordinary environment, or by the harsh environment such as the erosion of acid rain, the coating has a strong adaptability and resistance, the service life of more than 15 years.

Three. Disadvantages:

1. Marbled lines are heavier than ordinary decorative lines, and porters are harder to carry.

2. The texture of imitation marble lines is a bit poor, not as good as traditional marble lines.


Are marbled lines radiating?

No radiation, imitation marble lines are based on natural minerals as raw materials, and use ecological and ecological raw materials to prevent the production of VOCs. These materials also help regulate humidity changes, provide good air permeability and water resistance on the walls, and are more effective in avoiding condensation.

Marble line price

Due to the different brands and models of marbled lines, prices will vary. Imitation marble lines are priced between ten and tens of dollars.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Marble line manufacturers

Chaofeng Plastic Machinery

Chaofeng plastic machinery, professional imitation marble line equipment, industry preferred brand. The introduction of foreign advanced PVC stone plastic imitation marble decorative plate equipment production line machinery and technology, development and production of various imitation marble UV decorative plate equipment. The "Plastic Marble Decorative Board Production Line Equipment" series is now available. The main production lines of the production line include: UV high-gloss decorative boards, stone-plastic decorative boards, PVC imitation marble decorative boards, and carved decorative boards. To meet the needs of customers to do different styles and levels of stone plastic imitation marble decorative panels.

Taixing Quanxing Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

Taixing Quanxing Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in the production and processing of European-style lamp pools, European Roman columns, European lines, and European-style decorative accessories. The main selection material is imitation marble lines. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and its integrity, strength and product quality have also been recognized by the industry and customers.

Foshan Jinyi Arts And Crafts Factory

Foshan Jinyi Arts & Crafts Factory is a professional manufacturer of artistic background tiles, artificial stone decorative lines, resin waist lines, and ceramic carvings. The company has advanced production equipment and a large number of R&D personnel, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technologies and processes. At the same time, boldly carry out technological innovation and continuously develop new technologies and products. The products highlight their individualized, natural, and artistic features. Its imitation marble lines, exquisite workmanship, graceful lines, and more selectivity, can produce and process many nice marbled lines.

Editing summary: In summary, marbled lines still have more advantages than shortcomings. It has also been used by many people. If you go to those large apartments or friends of the hotel, you will find that many places are decorated with marble lines, looks beautiful and beautiful, and realistic. Like real marble lines, simulation materials on the market are now commonplace, producing high-quality products at low prices. It is widely welcomed by everyone and praised by many people. It is also a technology.

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