What should I do if the toilet is blocked?

Toilets are commonly known as toilets. Nowadays, the use of toilets is very common. However, some occasional problems with toilets are also a headache for everyone. Now, I’m going to introduce you to the toilet. .


What should I do if the toilet is blocked?

1, the most commonly used, the effect is also good, prepare a large bucket of water, and then directly into the toilet, let the toilet with a lot of water, you can quickly clear.

2. Prepare a simple toilet at home, that is, a round-head brush on one side, and a string of iron bars or glue sticks, which are sold in supermarkets and small shops.

3. If the above two methods do not work, it means that there is an object blocking the position between the toilet and the sewer. The above two methods can be combined.

Have a leather tick at home, or go to the daily grocery store to buy a simple toilet, the plastic is only 2 yuan, once the toilet is blocked, it is convenient and simple to use, pour the water into the squatting pan and then use the toilet to suck the basin The squatting squatting mouth was pumped a few times, and it was passed through its air pressure, and the effect was very good.

The above is a small method for Xiaobian to organize the toilet to block, how to do it, I hope to help everyone, more relevant information, please look forward to the tracking report of Xiaojiaju.com.

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