Space fusion, open study decoration

Many people want to set up a study at home, but space constraints are a big problem. Under the premise of limited space, we can only use the corners of the space ingeniously to reach the purpose of setting up a study. Open study is a good choice, let's take a look.

Open study decoration [1]

In addition to collecting books and reading, the study may occasionally become a guest room when visiting relatives and friends, sometimes combining room and sports space. Therefore, the study is often not just a study, but a multi-functional space, so functionality is very important. As a study room shared by the whole family, two sets of desks can be designed before and after the space, which are provided for adults and children. If the collection is rich, in addition to designing the book wall, the storage cabinet can be used to make double-layer storage, which reduces the messiness of storage.

Open study decoration [2]

Arrange the space next to the TV cabinet as an open study room, and use the advantage of the mezzanine to make the upper bookcase reading area and the rest space. Since the height is only 3 meters, the lower floor is arranged to sit on the desk area to steal the space above. Make the bookcase area fully stand up to pick and choose books, and outline the temperament of a small library.

Open study decoration [3]

Many study rooms are open-planned. They are only separated by a sofa or a semi-screen or a sliding door. The study is no longer a patent for the male owner. The hostess and the children are both users. Therefore, the space definition of the study is very important and practical. And the beauty of space is a big challenge. The semi-transparent design between the study and the living room, the TV wall of the living room is designed to be shared on both sides, the study room and the living room can each have a screen, and the air hole and maintenance hole are designed for future maintenance. In addition to the partial mixing and mirroring of the TV wall, the compartment on the other side is specially made of wooden framed glass eccentric door, which is free to open and makes the space more unfettered.

Open study decoration [4]

The large living room is no longer separated, and the study room elements are directly deconstructed. The large book wall is the main vision behind the sofa. Through the lighting design, each frame is like a luminous body, full of the art of installation art. The desk at the other end of the sofa divides the transaction area with the concept of the fashionable Nakajima. In response to the needs of the work meeting of the homeowner, the projector is placed above the bookshelf, and the identity of the living room and the study room is changed again, becoming a conference hall for many people.

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