Linear bearing classification

Linear bearings are used with hardened linear drive shafts. System for infinite linear motion. Because the load ball and the quenched drive shaft are point contacts, the allowable load is small, but in the linear motion, the frictional resistance is the smallest, the precision is high, and the movement is quick.

(1) Standard linear bearings, clearance adjustment linear bearings, open linear bearings, extended linear bearings, universal linear bearings

(2) Flange linear bearings can be divided into: round flange type, method blue type, oval flange type, guide round flange type, guide method blue type, guide elliptical flange type, and extended round flange type.
According to the specification standard [1]: Linear bearings are divided into two major series namely LM and LME series. Its code number LM series is used in Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, China and so on. Metric dimensions are used as the standard, and the linear shaft outer diameter tolerance is generally h7. LME series are mostly used in Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. In the British standard size, there are also metric sizes. The linear diameter of the linear shaft is generally g6. Two series of structural features, in addition to different sizes, different aperture tolerances, its structure is roughly the same. Example 1: LM 203242 UU OP LM Represents a straight line First series Standard 203242 Represents a size structure Aperture diameter Outside diameter length UU Represents double seal structure OP Represents open type Example 2: LME 203245 UU AJ LME Represents a straight line Second-series standard 203245 Represents a size structure Aperture Outer diameter UU means double seal structure AJ means that the clearance can be adjusted according to the shape: 1: Straight type (shaped like a cylinder, generally installed by a snap spring, used for mounting smaller size occasions) 2: Flange type (end Or there are mounting flanges in the middle, which can be installed by screws. The flanges are generally divided into round, square and trim types. 3: Open type (shape is straight, there is an axial slit on the outer surface, used for occasions needing gap adjustment , divided into two types of large openings and small openings) According to performance points: 1: common type (usages for general performance requirements) 2: super type (where long life and large load performance requirements are required)

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