Safety net usage requirements

(1) Inspection of the net: No construction waste shall remain in the net. No objects can be accumulated under the net. The net body must not be seriously deformed and worn, and whether it will be contaminated by chemicals, acid and alkali fumes, and burning sparks of electric welding.
(2) The support frame must not be severely deformed and worn, and its connection parts must not be loosened. The connection point between the net and the net and between the net and the support frame is also not allowed to loosen. All lashing ropes must not be seriously worn or deformed.
(3) The falling objects in the net must be regularly cleaned. Keep the net clean. Also avoid massive welding or other Mars falling into the net and avoid high temperatures or steam conditions. When the net body is contaminated with chemicals or the net rope is embedded in coarse sand particles or other foreign matter that may cause abrasion, it must be cleaned and washed to make it dry naturally.
(4) The safety net must not use iron fishing or spiked tools during handling to prevent damage to the net rope. The nets should be stored in a warehouse or a special place, and be classified, stored on shelves in batches, and not allowed to be randomly stacked. The warehouse requires ventilation, shading, heat insulation, moisture proof, and avoidance of chemical corrosion. In the process of storage, it is also required to regularly inspect the nets, find problems, and handle them immediately to ensure safety.

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