Basic materials and moisture-proof, maintenance knowledge of bathroom cabinets

The surface of the bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood; the base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is covered by the surface material. The substrate is the determining factor in the quality and price of the bathroom cabinet. When carrying, it should be lifted gently, not to be dragged; when placed, the ground is not flat, the legs should be solid.

Basic material particleboard is most commonly used in some inexpensive computer desks and furniture and kitchen utensils. It is low in cost and processed by scraps from woodworking. The water absorption rate is extremely high. It can be distinguished from the opening and the interface and the edge of the board. Manufacturers often use simulation paper, veneer, plastic skin, edges with other materials, and then processed with various colors. Bad manufacturers and distributors often use such products as solid wood products based on their unrealistic effects on raw materials based on their false appearance.

Folding blockboard is more common in some low-priced or medium-priced wooden furniture. Because it is made of solid wood and divided into different kinds of wood, the price is different. The compressive capacity is different due to different wood species and different production processes. The big difference is that if the surface paint is not done well, the sun and moisture will crack.

Folding MDF MDF bathroom cabinets are more common in some ordinary computer desks and office furniture, home furniture, for indoor booth display rack decoration, waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to swell and crack, and can not be used in the humid environment of water in the bathroom. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors often use the MDF products with veneer to impersonate the wood to deceive consumers.

Folding moisture-proof board Although the board has certain moisture-proof performance, there are some manufacturers of melamine finishes, but the board has a lot of moisture-proof glue added to the board, and the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeded, which is not an environmentally-friendly building material product.

Folded oak oak has a unique wood grain, heartwood corrosion resistance, high density, hard texture, and hardwood. Household items made of oak have the advantages of dignified, calm and noble mahogany furniture. But the price is much lower than that of mahogany. Due to the many advantages of oak, the material is widely used in the production of beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. It is the ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak can be divided into white oak and red oak according to color. China's production is extremely rare, and it is generally imported into the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

Stainless steel plate stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel plate and other materials through several processes. It has various styles, unique design, environmental protection, moisture proof, mildew proof, rust-proof, waterproof, no harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and stainless steel plate. It can also be recycled. Commonly used plates have 202#, 304#, 201# and other specifications. Disadvantages: 200 series of stainless steel plates, although the magnets are not magnetic, but the plates almost do not control the sulfur and carbon content according to the national standard, and replace some or all of the nickel with manganese (and nitrogen) to produce lower nickel. Austenitic stainless steel in the content. The disadvantage of this series of materials is that 18% of the chromium content and the low nickel content do not reach equilibrium and form ferrite. For this reason, the chromium content in the 200 series stainless steel is reduced to 15% to 16%, in some cases. It has dropped to 13% to 14%, and its corrosion resistance cannot be compared with 304 and other similar steels. In addition, manganese and, in some cases, copper reduce the effect of repassivation under the acidic conditions common in the corrosion areas of the deposition zone and the gap. The destruction rate of 200 series steel under these conditions is about 10-100 times that of 304 stainless steel. Also, it is often impossible to control the residual sulfur and carbon content of these steels in production, and the materials cannot be traced back to trace, even in the recycling of materials. If Cr-Mn steel is not specified, they will become a dangerous scrap mixing material, resulting in an unexpected high manganese content in the casting, so the 200 series of sheets will have a small brown spot after being damp in the air, after a little longer. It will rust.

The folded red wooden board "Redwood" is a general term for rare hardwood. It refers to the redwood species specified in the national standard, such as: rosewood, wenge, rosewood, rosewood, etc., all imported from abroad. Redwood bathroom cabinet features: 1, darker colors, reflecting the antique style; 2, the wood is heavier, giving people a good quality; 3, the general wood itself emits aroma, especially sandalwood; 4, hard wood, high strength, Wear-resistant, insect-proof and anti-mite, good durability; moisture-proof common sense folding waterproof coating can not only look at the color and shape of the product when we choose the bathroom cabinet, but also pay attention to the inside and the back. Since the front side of the bathroom cabinet is coated with a special paint, it is easy to wipe with water drops or liquid. The back and the inside are not easily wiped off, and it is easy to cause corrosion. For the back of the bathroom cabinet, there are also many manufacturers who choose to do some waterproof treatment on the back. With protection, water will not easily invade from the back.

Folding size The size and shape of the bathroom cabinet are also the issues we have to consider. Combine the size of the bathroom space and the decoration style to determine the appropriate bathroom cabinet style. Such a reasonable reserved space will also bring convenience to our daily bathing. The most important point of folding the bathroom cabinet to prevent moisture is to avoid direct contact between the water and the bathroom cabinet. Therefore, the position of the bathroom cabinet should be kept away from the shower head, hand wash basin, etc. Key role. It is also important to keep the air flowing smoothly in the bathroom. No matter what kind of material, it can't escape erosion in long-term and humid environment. We can't rely on reputable high-quality brands, and pay more attention to cleanliness. It is very important to keep the air flowing in the bathroom and the dryness of the indoor floor. Folding and drying in the bathroom can prevent some desiccant, especially in the interior of the bathroom cabinet, can effectively absorb the water vapor in the bathroom and bathroom cabinet to prevent the moisture loss caused by the direct absorption of the bathroom cabinet.

Cleaning common sense 1. When the bathroom cabinet has just been bought, care must be taken when handling. The ceramic basin is also fragile. It should be lifted gently. It should not be hard. When placing the bathroom cabinet, the floor should be flat. If it is a floor cabinet, it should be The feet are flat. 2. Do not place the bathroom cabinet under the scorching sun. It is best to place it in a place that can be ventilated or in a dry place. 3. If you accidentally burn in the bathroom and burn the paint, you can take a toothpick, wrap a layer of cloth, slowly burn the burn marks, and get some thin vinegar, you can remove it. 4. If you get some white hot marks on the bathroom cabinet, you can try rubbing with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene on the cloth. 5. If there are water stains, the cloth is wet and covered on the bathroom cabinet, you can use perm. When the bucket is pressed on the wet cloth, the stain will disappear immediately. 6. If the paint on the bathroom cabinet is inadvertently scratched and the cabinet is not damaged, you can use the same color crayons or pigments to apply the repair on the surface of the bathroom cabinet. You can apply some nail polish on it. 7. When necessary, use cloth to wipe the dust from the bathroom cabinet. Remember to spray some detergent on the cloth. 8. Also wax frequently, waxing the bathroom cabinet every 6 months or so. 9. The daily cleaning of the bathroom cabinet is very simple. The ceramic basin can be cleaned with water and cleaning agent, soapy water, etc. 10. Bathroom cabinet if ceramic basin If there is a scratch, you can apply some toothpaste, then wipe it repeatedly with a cloth, and then wax it, you can restore the bathroom cabinet to its original appearance.

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