Screen splitter features and use cases

[ Pacific Security Network News ] Speaking of VGA picture splitter, it is also called multimedia picture splitter, it mainly solves the single-screen split display of computer signal picture, which can make a projector (or display):
1. Simultaneous display of multiple computer screens 2, simultaneous display of multiple video screens (such as cameras, DVD players, etc.)
3. Simultaneous display of multiple screens of computer and video 4. The characteristics of the four-to-six-screen splitter multimedia screen splitter can be customized:
1, the difference with the ordinary video picture splitter: 1) its input can be either a composite video signal or a VGA signal; 2) the output is not a conventional composite video signal interface, but the resolution can be up to 1600* The 1200 VGA signal interface ensures high brightness, chromaticity and sharpness of the image, and is an indispensable high-precision picture segmentation processing device for high-end display devices.
2. Arbitrary display size: The size of multiple display images in the large screen range can be set according to user needs, and can be arbitrarily enlarged, reduced and roamed, and can be stacked.
3, a variety of control methods: RS232, remote control, manual.
4, the system stability is good: embedded system, will not be infected by viruses, the device can be used when powered.
5, dynamic image transmission real-time: connected to the input device hardware, no delay in transmitting images.
Multimedia VGA picture splitter application:
1, conference room 2, command and control room 3, training and teaching 4, the basic working principle of the business communication center screen splitter:
Image compression and digitization are used to compress several images onto the screen of a monitor at the same scale. Some also have a built-in sequence switch function, which displays the full-screen image input by each camera in turn on the monitor in order and interval.

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