How to choose the monitoring plan of the community

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With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the people are no longer limited to the comfort of the community and the decoration of the residential environment. The safety management of the community is also increasingly favored by people. For the community, how to choose the community monitoring program becomes the focus of the project engineer to build community monitoring.

How to choose a community monitoring program? It needs to be analyzed according to the different conditions of the community.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the practical problems to be solved by the community monitoring program. As a place where people live and rest, the community must ensure the safety of people's property and be alert to the unsafe hidden dangers such as theft and robbery. Therefore, it is necessary to know where the community is to install monitoring equipment and how many points to install monitoring equipment.

Second, the monitoring equipment must be able to accurately and accurately capture the monitored area of ​​the environment. The monitoring area is not only visible but visible. Therefore, different devices are selected according to different situations in different areas.

Third, there is a security problem in the monitoring area of ​​the cell. It is necessary to call the monitoring record in time, specifically how long the monitoring record needs to know the storage cycle of the storage device, and then deal with the dangerous situation.

Finally, security is a comprehensive prevention of civil air defense, technical defense, and physical defense. Can not rely solely on the monitoring head, such as things stolen, the video was recorded, but the people in the video, the Public Security Bureau could not find the record, can not find the thief, the fundamental problem has not been resolved. The best is to reduce the possibility of theft by comprehensive prevention in three aspects.

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