Progress of Research and Development of New Generation White LED Materials Made by Fujian Wujian Institute

Progress of Research and Development of New Generation White LED Materials Made by Fujian Wujian Institute

Progress of Research and Development of New Generation White LED Materials Made by Fujian Wujian Institute

High-power white LEDs have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection compared to traditional lighting sources, and have become a sunrise industry with a promising development prospect. At present, the mainstream white LED devices in the world are composed of Ce:YAG phosphor dispersed in epoxy resin or silica gel and then coated on a blue chip.

Epoxy resin or silica gel in the high-temperature environment generated by high-power chips, prone to aging, yellowing color, making LED color shift and light decay, reducing its service life. Therefore, the development of a new type of fluorescent material with superior optical properties and high physicochemical stability to replace Ce:YAG/organic matrix phosphors has become a topic that needs to be solved in the development of high-power lighting white LED technology, and has received great attention from the international optical community.

Under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Fujian Science and Technology Major Project, the research team headed by Wang Yuansheng, the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry of the Institute of Structure Research of the Fujian Institute of Materials Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has achieved key technological breakthroughs in high-power white LED materials.

On the basis of revealing the relationship between the composition-structure-property relationship of luminescent glass-ceramics, by controlling the process of atomic diffusion and reaction, the defect structure of amorphous-crystal two-phase interface is improved, and the distribution and refraction of YAG crystallites in glass matrix are optimized. Rate matching, and the use of inexpensive inorganic materials and a simple technical route, innovative and successful development of high-power white LED applications of Ce: YAG glass-ceramics a new generation of fluorescent materials.

The material has good transparency and luminous quantum efficiency of 95%. It can be used together with commercial blue chips to form LED devices. With a 350mA current drive, the light efficiency is 124lm/W, color temperature is 6674K, and the color rendering index is 70. It is also excellent in heat resistance and moisture resistance. After heat treatment at 150°C for 600 hours, there was no significant color shift, and the lumen loss was only 7.6% lower than at room temperature. The color temperature, display index, and color coordinates remained basically unchanged.

The relevant research results have been applied for international invention patents and published in the international optical journal Laser & Photonics Reviews under the title of new generation color converter for high-power white LED: transparent Ce3+: YAG phosphor-in-glass (DOI 10.1002/lpor. 201300140). This achievement will promote the development of a new generation of long-life lighting white LED technology.

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