Art Glass: Glass Diamonds

Art Glass: Glass Diamonds

Art glass is a kind of object that glass is used as a carrier, and some arts and crafts techniques are used to make reality, emotion and ideals reappear, and then combined with imagination to achieve mutual objectification between aesthetic subject and aesthetic object. Because the glass is crystal clear and transparent, the images are bright and vivid, and the art glass is both transparent and shining, and the simple and elegant art works create a decorative effect for people's living environment. It becomes a modern home, hotel, Ideal decoration materials for hotels, entertainment venues, business offices, etc.

The general characteristics of art glass: transparent, bright, flexible, clean, stylish, practical and durable.

Art glass allows it to change from the glass itself to a product that is much higher than the value of the glass itself. Its secret lies in:

First of all, art glass combines superb technology. Art glass processing is much more difficult and complex than ordinary flat glass. The daily flat glass is not subjected to any art processing, but is simply cut, drilled, sanded, or polished; and the art glass needs more flexible application of a variety of process technologies during the processing process, and the processing process is cumbersome. The general glass factory Workers cannot do the job.

Second, art glass gives a new artistic experience. The idea of ​​artistic glass can be said to be an artistic idea, whether it is the design of a pattern or the choice of materials, it is carefully selected. Whether it is pine green bamboo or flower, bird or worm fish, whether it is landscape or cultural style, can be reflected in this piece of magical glass, therefore, art glass is not only a building decoration material, but also is a contagious Artwork. Such exquisite and lifelike works undoubtedly make ** eye-opener, immersed in them.

Once again, there are a wide variety of art glass products that can be described as flourishing, contestable, expressive, and versatile. Glass such as an LED, an LED light source and the perfect combination of glass products, may be glass inside the text or designs, and to achieve controlled variation, gain control and brightness of the LED light source changes; glass embossed surface patterns can be light transmissive, Can block the line of sight, which has the characteristics of opaque light; glass model has a unique style, patterns rich and beautiful, flexible lines, or the ancient oriental charm, or Western romantic feelings ... ...

Finally, art glass has a collection value. Flat glass has only general functions and cannot be used for collection. However, as a luxury product combining art and technology, the perfect art glass has a high collection value and has the possibility of appreciation of the collection. With the in-depth understanding of art glass, art glass collection will follow.

                   U Type Linear Motorss

Linear motor
Linear motor is an electric motor that has had its stator and rotor unrolled so that instead of producing a torque (rotation) it produces a linear force along its length
However, linear motors are not necessarily straight
Characteristically, linear motor's active section has ended, whereas more conventional motors are arranged as a continuous loop
Features of linear motors:
1. Light duty motors for lower force applications with same durable and rugged construction
2. Fan cooled and liquid cooling options for maximum performance
3. Custom designs for any application
4. Available as a component in a complete system solution that includes brushless linear motors, drives, motion controllers, cabling, filters and accessories
Benefits of the linear motor
Maximize positional accuracy while minimizing maintenance costs
Easy to install
Rugged and durable design with a single moving part ensures consistent and dependable operation
Long lasting operation for years of service with minimal downtime
Versatility achieved through the factory or on-site programming for initial commissioning and changing customer requirements
Precise control for any required position, velocity or force profile
Controllable and variable force at any point during operation (dependent upon drive selection)
Built-in thermal and fault detection enables system protection and increases effective service life
U-channel and flat brushless linear servomotors have proven ideal for robots, actuators, tables/stages, fiber optics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems and in many other industrial automation applications 

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