CNC machine tools have become an important national strategic equipment

CNC machine tools are an indispensable equipment for industrial manufacturing and one of the necessary equipment. At the same time of mechanical manufacturing, the purpose of CNC machine tools is to greatly increase the range of use and to promote the production of the industry to a certain extent. The efficiency of the work.

China's machine tool industry has developed to the present, and has a relatively complete industry base. The development time of China's CNC machine tools is relatively short, and the start is much behind the developed countries. As an indispensable and important equipment for modern industrial production, CNC machine tools have become an important strategic equipment of the country, and its technical level can reflect the comprehensive national strength of a country. In the past, when China was unable to produce CNC machine tools independently, it imported products from abroad at a high price, and the technology was still in the hands of developed countries.

The strong demand of China's CNC machine tool industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, with an average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China will continue to invest and increase its efforts. Each year, major special projects will drive capital investment of more than 10 billion yuan. It not only drives the market development of China's domestic CNC machine tools and their numerical control systems and related functional components, but also provides an excellent opportunity for domestic CNC system manufacturers to continuously develop their own technologies and expand the market.

From the perspective of the industrial pattern of CNC machine tools in China, the regional characteristics of the development of CNC machine tools in China are very obvious. The regional obviousness also reflects the imbalance of the development of CNC machine tools in China. For example, some old industrial production bases in China, the relative development of CNC machine tools is still very slow. It is hoped that with the support of technology and policy, the innovation capability of CNC machine tools in China is getting stronger and stronger, and the development of enterprises themselves is getting better and better.

Calcium Sulfate : the commonly used calcined gypsum is the best coagulant for tofu production. In addition, calcium sulfate can also be used as thickening agent, acidity regulator and flour treatment agent.

Calcium Chloride: generally not used as tofu coagulant, can be used as low methoxy pectin and sodium alginate coagulant. It can also be used for making cheese, and can also be used as hardener for assorted vegetables, tomatoes and lettuce.

Magnesium Chloride: Salt brine is commonly used to make old tofu and dried tofu. Salt brine tofu has a unique flavor of tofu.

Propylene glycol: It can be used as a moisturizer and softener for bread, candy, packaged meat, cheese, etc. It can increase the elasticity of noodles, increase the flavor, whiteness and luster of tofu, and it can also be used as food antifreeze liquid.

EDTA salts: including disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate and disodium calcium ethylenediaminetetraacetate. EDTA salts have the function of chelating metal ions, eliminating harmful effects caused by metal ions, preventing discoloration, deterioration, turbidity caused by metal, preventing loss of vitamin C due to oxidation, improving food quality, and are calcium nutrients. Fortifier.

Tin disodium Citrate : also known as 8301 color protection agent, is white crystalline, very soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture and hydrolyze, very easy to oxidize, mainly used in fruits and vegetables, edible fungi canned, antioxidant color protection role.

Gluconic acid-delta-lactone: Gluconic acid-delta-lactone can be used as a coagulant to make lactone tofu, as a preservative to preserve fish, poultry, shrimp, etc., as a sour agent to be used in juice drinks and jelly. As a chelating agent, it can be used in grape juice or other berry wine, dairy products and beer to prevent the production of tartar, milk stone and beer stone.

Herb extract: it is obtained by crushing, boiling, extracting, filtering, concentrating, and spray drying with dried herbs. It is light yellow solid powder. It is a gelatinous polysaccharide contained in the grass and can be used to make cake foods.

Microbialtransglutaminase is an enzyme that catalyzes the intra (or intra) acyl transfer reaction between proteins, resulting in covalent cross-linking between proteins (or polypeptides), and can catalyze the intra-molecular and inter-molecular covalent cross-linking of protein polypeptides, thereby improving the structure and function of proteins. It has significant effect on protein properties such as foaming, emulsifying, emulsifying stability, thermal stability, water retention and gel ability, and then improves the flavor, taste, texture and appearance of food. It can be applied to aquatic products, ham, sausages, noodles, tofu and so on.

In addition to the above substances, they also include phosphoric acid, sodium lactate, calcium lactate, calcium Carbonate in acidity regulators, alum in bulking agents, polyglycerol monofatty acid esters in emulsifiers, tween, stearic lactate, chymosin in enzymes, D-mannitol, maltitol, lactosol and sorbitol in sweeteners. The water retention agents include Trisodium Phosphate, disodium hydrogen Phosphate , pectin, propylene glycol alginate, xanthan gum, chitin, polydextrose, carrageenan, cordlan gum, hydroxypropyl starch and so on.

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