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Bearing seal layout

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-01-29

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Bearings are distinguished by their own way of sealing according to the layout; they can be divided into touch-type sealing functions; and the conditions of the touch type can be divided into radial seals and axial seals are the same; according to the layout of the seals For the role of a single lip seal; and can play the role of this aspect; the role of the seal is not the same; and the role of the embodiment also has a certain meaning; so it can better reflect such a situation; then about More bearing seal materials will begin with a technical analysis.
If the bearing can be supported in this respect, the additional sealing device can effectively avoid the aggression of foreign objects; however, the sealing device will increase the axial dimension of the tissue; and the bearing repair belt is used for the bearing from these aspects. Inconvenient effect; together, the sealing function can also be affected by the machining accuracy and shape of the journal housing, and the sealed bearing can have an outstanding sealing and smooth environment. It can also deal with the problem of the bearing parts; together, it can also eliminate the effect of the messy smooth system; therefore, it is used in the compact layout; the parts with strict sealing requirements; all use the sealing effect.
The meaning of bearing in this respect is also reflected in the layout of the seal; together in other aspects can better reflect the role of this aspect; the same reason; the meaning of the function can be better Changed the role of change in this respect; this is a manifestation of the meaning of the situation.

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