Fan coil installation and maintenance instructions

Instructions for installation and maintenance of fan coil: 1. Unit installation 1.1 Handle with care during handling. Do not handle the impeller or volute to move the unit. 1.2 Take care to keep the components of the unit intact and prevent foreign matter from entering the volute. Or the inside of the cooler; 1.3 The main body of the unit shall be set horizontally, otherwise it will affect the drainage of the condensate and cause water leakage;
Installation and maintenance instructions for fan coil:

Unit installation

1.1 Care should be taken during handling, and the impeller or volute should not be used to move the unit;

1.2 Pay attention to keep the components of the unit intact and prevent foreign matter from entering the volute or the cooler;

1.3 The main body of the unit shall be set horizontally, otherwise it will affect the discharge of condensed water and cause water leakage;

1.4 The unit can only bear its own weight, can not withstand other external forces such as water pipes, and there must be enough maintenance space in the installation position.

2. Pipeline configuration

2.1 In the direction of water flow, the inlet and outlet pipes should be connected flexibly, and the operation should not be too strong;

2.2 Inlet and outlet pipes, condensate pipes and valves shall be strictly leak-proof, and careful end treatment shall be carried out on the insulation materials to prevent the condensate from penetrating into the insulation.

3. Electrical wiring

3.1 power supply 220V + -10%, 50Hz;

3.2 The wiring of the unit should be strictly in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram. Operating the unit in the wrong wiring state will damage the motor;

3.3 It is strictly forbidden to share one switch for multiple units, or any two of the high, medium and low third gears are connected to the same line to prevent the motor from being burnt out;

3.4 Grounding bolts are provided at the bottom of the junction box for connection to the protective grounding system during installation;

4. Water supply requirements

4.1 The summer operation of the unit is not less than 5 degrees, the temperature of the hot water supply in winter is not higher than 80 degrees, and the water quality is required to be cleaned and softened. It is forbidden to use steam and hot water of 85 degrees or higher. Otherwise, the supply air temperature is too high, which will lead to failure. And damage;

4.2 When the unit is deactivated for a long time, the coil should be filled with water to reduce the corrosion of the pipeline;

4.3 When the winter is deactivated or installed and commissioned, the water in the coil must be drained or other anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking.

5. Notes

5.1 Before the unit is operated for the first time and before the hot and cold conversion, the bleed valve must be opened to drain the air in the pipeline, otherwise the heat transfer effect will be affected;

5.2 The exposed coiled outer casing is a sprayed plastic part, and should not be cleaned with thinner or gasoline;

5.3 When the unit is started, the adjustment is best started from high-grade, and then other gear positions are selected;

5.4 If the conditions listed in the table below are exceeded, the unit may condense. At this time, the water temperature should be increased or the water volume should be reduced;

6. Maintenance

6.1 The surface cooler and filter should be cleaned regularly to facilitate the smooth flow of the wind and ensure the heat transfer effect;

6.2 When the unit fails, it should be repaired by a professional.

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