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New application of self-smooth bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-01-30

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1, SF-2 boundary smooth bearing: acid polymethyl aldehyde; has high wear resistance; bearing appearance has a regular arrangement with oil storage pits, it is necessary to apply smooth grease; uniquely suitable for high load Rotational motion at low speed; shaking motion and often under load; opening and closing is not easy to form a smooth part of the fluid; under the smooth conditions of the gap; long-term use without oil protection; and the application of oil in the process can make the service life of the bearing More extension; currently applicable to metallurgical machinery; mining machinery; water conservancy machinery; auto parts; construction machinery; agricultural machinery.
2, oil-free self-smooth bearing: the product is based on steel plate; the middle layer is sintered spherical bronze powder; the surface layer is rolled with a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene [ptfe] and lead. It has a small friction coefficient and wear resistance. corrosion. Oil-free self-smoothing and long service life; it can reduce cost, reduce noise, avoid stickiness and slip. It is widely used in various mechanical sliding parts such as printing machines, textile machines, hydraulic pallet trucks, tobacco machines, medicines. Use machinery, fitness equipment, micro motors, cars, motorcycles, etc.
3. Metal-based inlaid solid self-smooth bearing: It is a novel smooth bearing with both metal bearing characteristics and self-smooth bearing characteristics; it is loaded by metal matrix; the specially formulated solid smooth material has smooth effect. It has high bearing capacity. ; impact resistance; high temperature resistance; self-smoothing and strong features.
4, the traditional oil-bearing bearing: because of the low sound, self-smooth strength; oil-bearing bearings have become the new favorite of computer CPU fan bearing; the market demand is large, other; with the increasing demand for voices; oily The use of bearings in ordinary household appliances is also expanding.

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