Talking about Operation Method and Maintenance of Horizontal Scraper Conveyor

Talking about the operation method of the horizontal scraper conveyor and the maintenance level of the scraper conveyor operation method (1) When the horizontal scraper conveyor operates, the principle of no-load starting and no-load parking is also followed. If there is an emergency stop after special circumstances, when it is restarted, it must be moved several times, or the material in the tank should be properly eliminated; MC and MZ type can open the lower observation window cover of the curved transition section for discharging.
(2) During the working process of the horizontal scraper conveyor, prevent metal parts, large pieces of materials or impurities from entering the machine slot to avoid damage to the equipment or other accidents.
(3) The components of the equipment, especially the scraper chain and the drive, should be inspected frequently to keep it in good condition. If any defective parts are found, they should be promptly repaired or replaced.
(4) Take care to maintain good lubrication of all bearings and drive parts.
Horizontal Scraper Conveyor Maintenance (1) The operator should pay attention to the operation of all parts of the equipment at any time, especially the conditions of the chain and grille, fan, motor, and reducer.
(2) Pay attention to the dust accumulation on the canvas of the wind deflector inside the machine once every class, and it is forbidden to cause too much dust to cause spontaneous combustion.
(3) Repair once every six months, overhaul once a year, and thoroughly inspect all equipment and components.
(4) Always check the reliability of each thermometer and pressure gauge.
(5) Always check the seal and wear of the joints and replace them promptly.

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