There are several important factors in the decoration of the ceiling to ensure quality and safety?

The ceiling project has a wide range, but no matter which type, reasonable design, high-quality materials, and standardized construction technology are important factors to ensure quality and safety.

1. Nowadays, most of the interior decoration ceiling projects use suspended ceilings. First of all, we must pay attention to the choice of materials. In addition, we must strictly follow the construction specifications. When installing, it must be in the correct position and firmly connected. Decorative materials used for ceilings, walls, and floors should be non-combustible or non-flammable materials. Wood materials are flammable, so fire treatment is required. Electrical wiring such as lighting and air conditioning should be laid in the ceiling, and should be strictly in accordance with the specifications to avoid fire hazards.

2. The cover of the dark frame shall be provided with inspection holes. In the home decoration, the ceiling is generally not provided with a manhole, which is considered to affect the appearance. I don’t know if there is a fault in the pipeline equipment inside the ceiling, it is impossible to check what part and what reason, and it is impossible to repair. Therefore, it is still necessary to set up the manhole for the ceiling of the pipeline. For better, you can choose to compare the hidden and easy-to-inspection parts, and make artistic treatments on the manholes, such as setting up with lamps or decorations.

3, kitchen, bathroom ceiling should be made of metal, plastic and other materials. The bathroom is a place for bathing and washing. The kitchen has to cook rice and stir-fry. Even though the range hood and the exhaust fan are installed, the steam can not be completely drained, and the veneer or paint which is easy to absorb moisture will be deformed and peeled. Therefore, materials that do not absorb moisture should be used. Generally, metal or plastic gussets should be used. If other materials are used, the ceiling should be protected against moisture, such as painting.

4, glass or light box ceiling should use safety glass. It is very characteristic to use the colorful colored glass and frosted glass as the ceiling, and it is more and more used in home decoration. However, if the materials are not properly used, it is easy to cause a safety accident. In order to use safety, safety glass should be used in ceilings and other parts that are easily impacted. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass.

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