Indoor led display p3 difference with p5

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Indoor led display p3 difference with p5? In fact, for such problems, we can answer from a technical level.
The difference between led display p3 and p5
First look at the main technical parameters of the Liancheng P3 and P5 display:
Pixel composition dot pitch pixel density maximum brightness driving method optimal viewing distance
P3 1R1G1B 3mm 111111 points / m2 ≥ 1200CD / m2 1 / 16 scan 3 ~ 35M
P5 1R1G1B 5mm 40000 points / m2 ≥ 1600CD / m2 1 / 16 1 / 8 scanning 5 ~ 50M
1, pixel composition. Each pixel is red, green and blue with a wick. Point spacing is an important basis for model differentiation, which directly determines the pixel resolution that can be accommodated per unit area of ​​a full-color LED display. Look at the above to know that the P5 to P3LED screen spacing technology has been indented by 2mm, and the number of pixels per square meter has increased by 71,111 points. (In the field of high-definition LED electronic display, the point spacing is reduced by one unit, which is a technological breakthrough.)
2, the driving mode determines the brightness of the screen. Since the P5 model has fewer pixels per pixel, the brightness is higher than the P3 model. If it is semi-outdoor, or indoors by the window, you must choose a model with higher brightness. In terms of power consumption, P3 is definitely larger than P5. The main reason is that the number of pixels is larger and the brightness is greater than 1200 cd/m2.
In the past few years, the P5LED display has entered the field of indoor high-definition large-screen display, which is the leader in the high-definition field. However, with the market demand and line-of-sight requirements, there has been an ultra-clear display such as P3. With further development, the small-pitch LED display began to take the stage, leading the LED to approach another ultra-clear field. Lianchengfa also launched its own small-pitch display, including P2 and P2.5.
In addition, in terms of price, P3 is definitely more expensive than P5. Liancheng Development Engineering Department Zou Gong said: "The choice of indoor LED display models is mainly based on the actual viewing distance, considering the minimum and maximum distance, the display content requirements, the environment. Brightness, etc. The background screen, especially the stage background LED display, if P5 can be used, it is not necessary to use P3. This is because the audience can watch the video at 10 meters, and the playback effect does not see obvious difference, just the capital investment."
- Indoor LED large screen inquiry tips:
In fact, there are very few complete LED display quotations on the network, on the one hand the price will not be too public. In addition, the information does not necessarily answer your friend's questions. In addition, the LED screen price information on the network was released early, and the price in the content could not be updated in real time, so it may be greatly deviated from the current market price.
If you want to know more about the difference between the led display p3 and p5, the latest indoor LED full color display market price; and want to know the investment LED full color screen budget spending, you can contact Lian Chengfa.

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