How to set up computer face recognition

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This article will use Toshiba computer as an example to introduce how to set up computer face recognition, face recognition technology, it sounds very mysterious. Recently found on the Internet, through the software settings, you can also let your computer have this function, later boot Just point the computer camera at your avatar and you can turn it on. Is it very windy?
How to set up computer face recognition
How to set up computer face recognition
1. Click on the Start menu, => All Programs => TOSHIBA to select TOSHIBA FACE Recognition.
2. Click the Settings button in the pop-up management window.
3. Set the menu to set the frequency of automatic updates to one week.
4. Verification mode:
Set the login time by selecting to use all registered face data (multiple users, face recognition directly and logging in with the corresponding account) or using a single registered face data (single user, need to identify by selecting the user) Verification method.
5. Automatic update:
Set whether to perform face data that is continuously memorized for verification, and use face data that is successfully verified at the time of login. Choose to enable or disable. Choose whether to auto-update once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.
6. Automatic side by side selection:
Choose whether to select side-by-side for performing face verification under normal circumstances. If enabled, face recognition will be automatically activated when the system boots to the welcome screen.
7. Camera settings:
Select the camera you want to use. If the only camera is provided by your computer, there is no other option available.
8. When all settings are complete, press OK to return to the management window.

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