Why do the strawberry in the greenhouse have deformed fruit?

   1. Variety differences are generally less likely to occur when the dormancy is shallow, the cold tolerance is strong, and the pollen is more robust, such as Fengxiang, Chunxiang, and Baojiao early varieties. After 3 to 4 years of age, the strawberry will degenerate and become ill, resulting in an increase in deformed fruit.


   2 , light conditions The formation of pollen is about 2 weeks before flowering . If there is insufficient light during this period, it will inhibit the accumulation of starch required during pollen germination, which will reduce the pollen germination rate and is not conducive to fertilization.


   3 , the flowering period of spraying flowering can wash the stigma, especially the flower opened on the same day is more serious, not only affects pollination, but also hinders or kills pollinating insects, resulting in increased deformity.


   4 , the room temperature is too low, the optimal temperature for strawberry growth and development is 20 ~ 25 °C, the minimum temperature during the flowering period can not be lower than 5 °C, the temperature is too low will seriously affect the growth and pollination of strawberries, prone to deformed fruit.


5 , cultivation and management of strawberry flower bud differentiation period If the fertilizer is insufficient or excessive, the nitrogen level of the seedlings is too low or high, it will affect the quality of flower bud differentiation, which is not conducive to normal pollination. Strawberry flower bud differentiation, flowering and fruit expansion period, if the water is insufficient, it will cause flower dysplasia, pollination and fertilization is imperfect, fruit expansion is blocked, and it is easy to form deformed fruit.


Source: China Fruit and Vegetable Network


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