Pneumatic technology development trend

The proportion in flow control products has risen from 20 in 1980 to 32 in the near future.

The development of the technology, of course, involves not only the specific product itself, but also the soft conditions related to the technology, including the development of related disciplines, social and environmental requirements, and new design concepts. The development of pneumatic technology is mainly subject to the following environmental protection requirements. In June 2002, all the Japanese manufacturers exhibited their 13014001 certificate. European advanced manufacturers such as 1 D0, which passed in the last century. 15014001. Environmental protection requirements, affecting the original village materials, production process, product design, service, China's pneumatic manufacturers, must pay attention to the integration.

So far, the revolutionary homes caused by gamma 1 are now in the office and consumer field. It is estimated that the current world, as for pneumatic product manufacturers, is very important to see a structural change brought about by the sale of 4 services. We can really see the brands and manufacturers at 1 o'clock, but building a web page does not mean that the web page is constantly refreshed, and it does not mean that the web page is effectively used. The online product sample and the corresponding online product inquiry function and the possibility of ordering have become a must-have service content, so that the blood can be set up so that after the user orders, it is possible to track the order process of the order online until the supply In place, of course, the use of 1 wealth to achieve the control software update on the equipment, equipment commissioning and operation supervision, not only pay the pneumatic industry, but for the entire 1 force field, it is enough, the initial innovation will be mentioned below The intelligent product sample is also closely related to the use of energy efficiency. For highly technical industries such as the pneumatic industry, even online business is inseparable from technical support, so frequently asked questions and especially for multinational companies. 1 The required 24-hour telephone service has become an obligation that comes with it. For this cut, we have seen that other aspects have begun to improve the product, including software and service structure, to adapt to this development, control technology and servo pneumatics are widely used in the field of pneumatic technology, traditional adjustment The components are often based on mechanical feedback, such as the classic relief valves that are currently available. The industrial pneumatic closed-loop control system, that is, the servo-pneumatic system is realized on the basis of the latest development of modern control technology and software technology of sensor technology electronic technology. Servo-pneumatics realizes the continuous control of the physical output of the pneumatic system. It mainly uses the start-up acceleration and braking speed control force control of the corpse pneumatic drive mechanism, such as the grasping force control of the manipulator and the precise arbitrary positioning.

Reflecting the development of functional integration and modularization of pneumatic products The main features of servo-pneumatic systems are high speed, high output power, long life and low cost. They are now highly competitive in industrial automation applications. For example, the servo-pneumatic system not only shortens the operating cycle of the drive mechanism by 30, but also greatly reduces the vibration of the drive mechanism during braking and starting, thereby improving product quality and reducing equipment losses.

However, the higher the accuracy of the servo-pneumatic system, the higher the requirements for the sensors and the electronic components that make up the feedback control loop. Therefore, the key to the development of servo-pneumatic systems is whether the corresponding sensors and high-performance electronic components can be widely used, that is, depending on their overall, servo-pneumatic is the locomotive for the future development of high-tech applications of pneumatic technology.

Functional integration and integration of various functions on small and miniaturized components, the fundamental purpose is to reduce the workload of design and installation and commissioning, and to reduce the space requirements of the device. This is all the aspects of industrial automation, for each Manufacturers of pneumatic products are the key to continuing to maintain competitiveness.

Functional integration on pneumatic components is purely machine-based at the beginning. The cylinder has a cushioning function or a square piston rod with anti-torsion function. These examples are everywhere = in the early 90s, 13, 55992 to 13, 55991, the progress is that the electric control valve is equipped with a coil on the bottom plate. Electric contact. At present, the gasification and gasification control unit provided by advanced manufacturers, such as the valve island of 310 company, has included various functions such as programmable control of the sensor bus interface; and on the cylinder, it is often worth noting that Integration is often understood as the mounting of electronic parts on mechanical or pneumatic components. In fact, there are also ways to install pneumatic components on the electronic unit. For example, a small proportional valve can be placed on the printed circuit board. Thus, the programmable controller may have a pneumatic input and output terminal. A programmable controller with an electronically controlled valve is provided.

This development trend is affected by the miniaturization process. In addition to the basic requirements of size of fluid mechanics, the limitation of miniaturization is also related to the relationship between the power consumption of the control signal and the output power of the component. To a certain extent, only new materials or processes, new working principles or mechanisms can be used to provide new development space.

Many manufacturers are currently exploring how to integrate control valves into the drive cylinders at a low cost. This product will only need a gas source interface and a bus terminal 2.

For example, a double-acting cylinder that utilizes the gas passage of the material and only requires an air inlet joint, for example, replaces the conventional electromagnetic coil with a piezoelectric effect element, and replaces or partially replaces the conventional machining with the silicon wafer technology, which not only advances the component. Miniaturization is possible, and it provides a new space for the development of electronic control intelligence and pneumatic integration.

The future mass production will be similar to today's computer chip bus and built-in industrial computer modern interface technology in the field of industrial automation, currently mainly embodied in the form of field bus 158 Ethernet Ethemet and ASiAxisandSensorInter=the common feature is the serial force type The head is now delivered by the number. The main advantage is the simple connection between the action units, the greatly reduced installation and commissioning costs and the convenience of fault diagnosis. The fieldbus is developed to meet the requirements of programmable controller peripheral interface systems and components in practical applications. Manufacturers, including major pneumatic components, offer products with a bus interface to the market. Programmable controllers and fieldbuses are the mainstream people in recent industrial dynamic control. 3 The most prominent advantage is that the control power of the control and feedback signals and the commutation of pneumatic components can be transmitted using the same core cable.

Widely used in the office field, Ethernet is used in the field of automatic control for the production automation management of large data transmission. In recent years, the transmission rate of the network has been continuously raised, and it has been raised from the original 10% to 83, which can fully meet the requirements of on-site control and easy to combine with the resistance, opening the door for the 01 production technology. These inevitably have a profound impact on pneumatic technology. At present, the industrial computer that can be connected to 1 has begun to partially replace the programmable controller with fieldbus interface.

The advantages of the combination of pneumatic components and organic integration of 1 are the obvious transmission and rapid transmission of feedback signals; the direct communication between the field signals and the production management system can simplify the signal conversion unit and is very convenient to realize through the 1 1 pair of automatic control devices. Monitoring and operation; advancement improves the intelligence and flexibility of the pneumatic modules, enabling the module to independently implement fixed automatic process control. The price currently used to make this chip has dropped to about 50 euros.

The characteristics of intelligent product samples are the organic and successful combination of database technology fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering technology computer simulation technology and 1 technology.

Using intelligent product samples, you can do it, in addition to product number or order number, through other search methods to find the product you need. For example, through the product, automatically, find and list a complete list of accessories that can be matched with the main product.

All of the above aspects affect each other, contain each other, and promote each other. Environmental protection and 1 plus village are boundary conditions; intelligent electricity samples, functional integration and miniaturization, bus and industrial computer, etc., are all technical questions of computer-aided design tools, field applications, product performance, etc.; and modular design concept In addition to the advantages already mentioned, it directly affects whether the production method can embark on a large number of custom-made roads.

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