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Projection screens are used in movies, offices, home theaters, and large conferences. The tool used to display images and video files. Principle of work: Use with a projector. Curtain projection screen installation methods are built-in hanging, wall-mounted and ceiling type. Next Xiaobian will introduce the relevant knowledge of the projector screen .

[projector screen what classification]
The classification of the projector screen is more diversified, generally according to the different materials can be divided into white plastic, gray plastic, metal, glass fiber, glass beads these five kinds, can be arbitrarily chosen according to the different occasions.
1, white plastic directly using coarse-grained fabric, do not surface treatment, touch the surface by hand, can feel the rich texture.
The feature is the ability to display the performance of the projector, original, without modification, low gain, large viewing angle, and natural colors.
2, gray plastic gray screen is often referred to as "high-contrast screen", can absorb more ambient light than the white screen, so doing so makes the black on the screen can be maintained.
Features are high brightness, high contrast, good color reproduction, clear imaging, can support 1080P imaging projection, large field of view angle, soft light, long time viewing is not easy to fatigue. Can be scrubbed.
White plastic and gray plastic which is good? White plastic curtains are entry-level theater curtains, while gray screens are even more expensive. However, there are also entry-level gray screens, but the effect and high-end gray screen is still worse.

3, metal metal curtain is a kind of hard screen, in the resin plate coating compact fine metal molecules constitute a honeycomb array, from the surrounding interference of light waves in the array through the oscillation, attenuation and absorption. It is characterized by good flatness, no damage, long service life, large gain, and high screen brightness. Especially when displaying dynamic videos or pictures, the strong sense of depth and depth makes the images lively and vivid, making them particularly suitable for movies. , 3D animation and game display.
4, glass fiberglass screen to the United States for the United States. Divided into white glass fiber and gray glass fiber. The fabric is a base fabric woven from glass threads and the surface layer is coated with PVC material with special projection effects. Because of the support of the fiberglass backing, it does not need to be flattened and the natural stretch will be straight. On the basis of retaining the advantages of white plastic screens, glass fiber screens make up for and add to the following differences. 1, moisture-proof mold; 2, conducive to cleaning; 3, the temperature difference and climate change in the case, can also be kept straight; 4, high gain and high contrast.
5. Glass bead The surface of the optical crystal glass ball is increased, and the surface of the bead can be touched by hand, and the small bead particles can be felt off. The feature is a sharp focus and vitality on the screen, high gain, and a small viewing angle. The most prominent feature is “light regressivity”, in which the reflected light returns in the direction of the incident light, which is one of the reasons for the high gain and has a certain “collection” effect on the light.
[projector screen installation method]

After buying the projector, the first job is to put the projector screen up. How to install a large curtain? The first step is to determine the installation location. Do not think of a place after installing the single hole. It is very troublesome, so the first step is to determine a good place to install, the second step is to determine the installation method, curtain installation methods are:
1, built-in hanging ring:
The projection screen has a flexible installation method, which can be fixed on the wall or can be lifted on the ceiling. When installing on a wall, be sure to balance the curtain with the wall.
2, wall-mounted:
There is a keyhole-type hanging ring on the brackets at both ends of the projection screen. When the projection screen needs to be hung on the wall, nails or mounting screws should be nailed at the corresponding positions on the wall, and then hang up.
3, ceiling type:
To be installed on the ceiling, two hooks should be installed at the corresponding positions on the ceiling, and then the "D" ring at both ends of the projection screen should be attached.
4, after determining the method of installation is to measure the hole, the projection screen should be installed in the best position of the audience. And when the curtain is fully deployed, its bottom should be higher than the head of the audience. After this is determined, you can drill holes. If you don't have a hole puncher, you can use a bigger cement nail to directly drill into the wall. Note that when you enter the concrete nails, ensure the distance between the two points is reasonable. .
Xiao Bian concludes: The projector screen was introduced for everyone. I hope to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform. Follow-up will present more exciting content for everyone.

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