Why didn't my wife let me buy a sterilizer?

In fact, many friends are very hesitant when buying a sterilizer, so do you need to buy a sterilizer? Xiaobian said to everyone. First, living habits
Everyone's living habits are different. There may be different views on the use of disinfecting cabinets. Some friends prefer western lifestyles, so the use of disinfecting cabinets may be more acceptable; but some friends compare Chinese, then they are The use of cabinets may not be so used.
Even ideologically, some friends think that it is not necessary to use hot water to wash bowls and chopsticks before use. Second, the area of ​​occupation Disinfection cabinets, regardless of their size, will have an impact on the space in the kitchen. If the area of ​​your kitchen is large, the disinfecting cabinet may not give you any sense of convenience but bring convenience to your life. However, if the kitchen space is just Enough to use, then the disinfecting cabinet installation is inconvenient.
Third, regional
In the south, the weather is generally wet and it is easy to breed bacteria. Especially when returning to the South, it is easy to mold at home and the dishes may not be as hygienic. Therefore, a friend who lives in the south and has doubts about the health of the dishes can buy one.

Fourth, psychological
Sometimes buying a disinfecting cabinet is a peace of mind. After you feel that you have been disinfected, your family members feel more comfortable using it. Therefore, it is understandable to purchase this peace of mind, and it will be more or less useful.
Here, Xiao Bian feels it necessary to remind everyone of some points of attention when using the disinfecting cabinet. After the dishes are washed, they must be wiped and put into them. Otherwise, they may cause rust on the parts; they cannot be used for a long period of time. It breeds bacteria.

Disinfection cabinet

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