14 models to go to bed, small-sized space in this province

How to use the space under the elevated bed? How to use different furniture combinations to meet their own needs? What are the small details that can reduce the feeling of depression in the elevated bed? It does not matter, go to bed to liberate you! 1 ▲ Separator desk + lattice bookshelf, respectively, to meet the needs of work, storage, partition 2▲ Brush half a wall with a paintbrush, visually raising the bed, reducing the sense of depression 3 ▲ Suspension of chandeliers using upper bedsteads, both decorative and bright 4 ▲ lazy sofa + bookshelf, another idea of ​​shorter bed frames 5 ▲ clinical desk + closet, place mirrors on the supporting column on the window, so that the desk has a dressing function 6 ▲ The partitions and desks are U-shaped and are fully utilized. 7▲ corner desk + single sofa, your office, I read a book with you 8 ▲ single desk + single sofa, furniture with fine feet on the right 9 ▲ bar + simple kitchen, this is not particularly suitable for the great celestial, but brain supplement, if you change the cabinet behind the indomitable bookcase ... bar control favorite. 10▲ corner sofa + floor lamp + photo display, dwelling can also be turned into a home theater 11 ▲ wooden floor, all white furniture, dark walls + color soft + star string lights = my dream children's room 12 ▲ use the bottom of the stairs to make bookshelves 13▲ deck + big rug + lazy sofa, give more space for the baby to the ground 14 ▲ Children's Room; The desk can be moved around the track to meet three needs of study, activity, and rest.

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