Smoke exhaust pipe installation FAQ How to clean the kitchen exhaust pipe

With the development of society, the kitchens of many family homes have exhausted fumes from their own windows, causing them to cook downstairs and smoke upstairs. Therefore, when home decoration, kitchen flue decoration is very important, if it is unreasonable, it will cause an anti-taste phenomenon, affecting the home life. Therefore, Xiaobian will introduce the common problems of exhaust pipe installation and how to clean the kitchen exhaust pipe.

Smoke exhaust pipe installation FAQ

1, vice flue must be retained

Each home has a flue in the kitchen, and the flue also has the main and auxiliary points. The main flue duct runs through the entire building, while the auxiliary flue is relatively independent. In general, the fumes in the home will go to the auxiliary flue and then enter the main flue through the holes in the partition. This will ensure that the fumes of each household are isolated.

2, construction details should pay attention

The location of the hood is very important. The shorter the pipeline, the better. In order not to destroy the original main and auxiliary flue, its opening direction is not arbitrarily changeable, and must be played inside the auxiliary flue.

3, window smoke attention safety

First of all, before the window or wall hole must be through the consent of the property; Second, pay attention to safety issues, the general end of the exhaust pipe is metal material, it is best to extend the pipe after the pipe down the nest, so you can also avoid the rain Rainwater flows into the pipeline and the wind is blocked outside.

4, stop valve replacement

If you have dismantled the secondary flue, or if you need to prevent better smoking, use a flue check valve. After installing the non-return valve, it should be cleaned periodically. Otherwise, the non-return valve will be opened and lose its effect. Moreover, the flue check valve should be replaced once every two years.

How to clean the kitchen exhaust pipe

1, the installation of cleaning personnel first remove the top and bottom of the pipeline cut, that is, airborne method, this method is mainly used for cleaning 50 cm square above the vertical flue. Above the flue, a high altitude safety rope is fixed and a safety belt is fastened. The cleaning personnel are installed to clean the oil in the vertical flue from top to bottom. This method is more dangerous, more technical, more expensive, and has a good cleaning effect. Because the vertical flue is generally less oil cleaned once a year.

2. The labor intensity of this method is relatively large, that is, the manual entry method. For parallel flue ducts larger than 40 centimeters square, it can be manually drilled for cleaning. Need to pay attention to strengthen the ventilation, equipped with low voltage (36 volt) lighting power supply.

3. This method is used when manpower cannot enter, that is, dismantling method, when the flue is less than 40cm square. Installation cleaning personnel according to the actual situation at the scene, remove a section of the flue at regular intervals to extend the two parties to clean up, this method is effective, difficult, higher degree of use.

4. The installation cleaning personnel adopts a special non-sparking hole opening tool to open one or more sides of the pipeline, ie, the opening method. This method is adopted for the flue which cannot be entered manually and is difficult to remove. The size, spacing, and number of openings are determined according to the site conditions. After the oil is cleaned up, the pipes are sealed and restored.

5, the cleaning cycle of the flue is cleaned by this method, that is, machinery and equipment cleaning method, less oil. First spray the cleaning agent in the pipeline to soften the oil, then use a 30-meter-long electric shaft brush to clean the oil. This method is used on a vertical flue that is 30 cm square, and is concealed small flue that cannot be manually accessed and cannot be disassembled. This is not easy to clean and can easily accumulate oil to shorten the cleaning cycle.

Editor's summary: The common issues concerning the installation of smoke exhaust pipes and how to clean the kitchen exhaust pipes are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Kitchen exhaust pipe

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