Toyota thinks magnesium is more suitable for creating batteries

Toyota thinks magnesium is more suitable for creating batteries

For smartphones and electric car users, battery life is a very big resistance. From the current situation, lithium-ion batteries are the most standard solution, but its performance does not satisfy consumers.

Researchers have so far failed to come up with a commercially viable alternative. Toyota, a Japanese automaker, said that magnesium can create smaller, more durable, more durable batteries, and it can be used in products such as mobile phones and automobiles.

Toyota believes that magnesium is more stable than lithium, which means that more storage capacity can be used in the battery. In contrast, the volatility of lithium makes it necessary to insert a graphite rod in order to use it properly, that is, reducing the amount of lithium material is equivalent to storing less material.

However, magnesium itself also has some problems that need to be solved. For example, researchers have not found a suitable magnesium electrolyte. Toyota Chemical Engineer Rana Mohtadi found that hydrogen is a good choice, but it will take a while for the success of the lab to be converted into a commercially viable product. Toyota has admitted that this time may be at least 20 years.

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