When buying a sink, what factors should be considered?

Everyone who cooks a sink using water for cooking knows how important the sink is for home life. So today Xiaobian will talk about how to buy a sink! 1, look at the material currently available in the market sink is more common stainless steel sink, artificial crystal stone sink and ceramic sink, each sink has its own characteristics. The stainless steel sink is not afraid of water and durable. The artificial crystal stone sink is rich in color and beautiful. The ceramic sink can realize seamless connection with the tabletop and each has its own advantages. 2. There are two kinds of processes in the process tank. One is the one-time stamping of the water flow, and the other is welding. What are the characteristics of these two types? The one-time stamped water tank has very good sealing performance. However, the welded water tank has a deeper depth. This mainly depends on the preference of everyone's needs. 3, according to the kitchen space choice is not the best, only the most appropriate of this principle is Beijing Jiang horizontal decoration team has been stressed, if your kitchen space is relatively small, then like a single groove, double groove sink is more appropriate, because it is satisfied The usual basic cleaning function will not occupy too much space. 4, see the surface of the basin to see if the basin surface is smooth, soft, is not easy to sticky oil, the best choice for easy cleaning, wear-resistant. 5, to see the inner corner of the basin within a good corner of the basin close to 90 degrees, the basin of vision is greater, the greater the volume of the basin. 6, see the bottom of the basin basin after spraying or sticking rubber sheet and does not fall off, can reduce the impact of the tap water on the pelvic floor impact sound, play a buffering effect, which many people do not know, so pay attention. 7, to see the falling head down the head requirements of the wall thickness, smooth handling, watertight, durable, falling water pipes require environmental protection one-time materials made to install easy, deodorant, heat resistance, anti-aging. If it is a relatively large kitchen, then you can choose a three-slot or sub-slot sink, because large kitchens may need some design effects, then they are very suitable! Finally, Xiao Bian also suggested that you can add a protective coating on the bottom of the tank. Its role can reduce noise and prevent condensation. The protective layer on the outside of the tank can not only absorb water vapor, but also reduce the collision of water and water tanks. Voice, why not?

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