Analysis of common seed coating agents

First, fungicides

The fungicides that cause the phytotoxicity of the seed coating agent are: triazoles, difenoconazole, propiconazole, prothioconazole, paclobutrazol, silicoazole, cyclosporine, epoxidazole, triazole Alcohol, triadimefon, carbendazole, imazalil, chlorpyrimidine, ethiazole, triadimefon, benzyl chlorotriazole, diniconazole, thiram, rust rust, seed dressing, seed dressing Ling, Bensen zinc, Daisen zinc, Daisen ammonium, Mancozeb, dithiocyanomethane, famoxadone, imidacloprid, fludioxonil, thiophanate-methyl.

Second, plant growth regulator phytotoxicity

Synthetic plant growth regulators such as acetic acid, indolebutyric acid, gibberellin, brassinolide, sodium nitrophenolate, naphthaleneacetic acid, and 24-butylidene butylate, all of which can cause phytotoxicity if not used properly.

Third, trace element phytotoxicity

Such as mineral nutrients caused by magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum and other phytotoxicity.

Fourth, pesticides and phytotoxicity

The main insecticides that cause phytotoxicity of seed coating agents are: buprofezin, imidacloprid, carbofuran, chlorantraniliprole and the like. The common feature of pesticide phytotoxicity is to inhibit crop growth, leading to crop malnutrition, affecting crop emergence, tillering, flowering, fruiting, maturity, late harvesting and yield reduction, and severe production; leaf discoloration, chlorosis, yellowing, The tip of the leaf edge is discolored, drooping or the leaf is dead; the underground root is swollen or atrophied, the roots are less, and the new root is not long; the plant is short, not heading, and flower and fruit deformity.

For example, more than 30% of the soybean field is medicinal, the edge of the soybean cotyledon is reddish brown, the true leaves are shrunken and dark green, not unfolded, the roots are bent, the roots are less or not long, and the dead seedlings are severe. 35% of carbofuran phytotoxicity, 2.4 grams of active ingredient of carbofurin per kilogram of soybean seeds produces phytotoxicity. The symptoms are reddish brown at the edge of soybean cotyledons, true leaves are small and round, leaves are red, and some leaves are dry. Shedding, stems are weak, roots are bent, and roots are less or not long. 30% more grams of gram or 35% (including the recessive component triadimefon, or indolebutyric acid, or sodium nitrophenolate, or tricyclazole, etc.) seed coating agent, soybean hypocotyl enlargement, Bending, not long roots, cotyledons do not open, or true leaves shrink and do not expand, serious no emergence, rotten seeds. Another example is corn planting 35% or 30% (including the hidden component triadimefon, or indolebutyric acid, or sodium nitrophenolate, or tricyclazole, etc.) seed coating agent to inhibit seedling growth, leaves yellow or White, not long new roots, severe dead seedlings, rotten seeds; 6% tebuconazole suspended seed coating agent, yellow leaves or white leaves after corn 3 leaf stage, drooping or rotten leaves, no long roots, severe death The seedlings, or the sheaths and sheaths are damaged, and the leaves are not unearthed under the earth's surface.

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