Safety First: Children's Room Arrangement Rejects "Edge"

The children's room is comfortable and the parents are prepared for their own baby to learn and play. Although the children's room is small, but want to decorate the perfect is the most expensive and most costly. Here are three suggestions for the layout of the children's room, are to ensure the child's safety and healthy growth and consideration.

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Ornaments can be flowered but not brilliant

The color of children's room decorations can be varied, but the brightness can not be too bright. Color can bring beauty, but too bright will endanger the child's vision. Some decorations, stickers, and cloth arts may add too much dye if the colors are too bright. This will cause hidden dangers in air pollution and endanger children's health.

According to the children's interests and hobbies, according to the children's views at the same time, according to the decoration style, choose a relatively soft and elegant color jewelry. Such as younger children, beds, curtains can choose a cartoon pattern, indoor can use more light green, pink and other light colors.

Jewelry does not change

How do children's room accessories match the interior style? The color of jewelry should be unified to make the match more harmonious and enhance the overall sense of the room. The color around the jewelry placement point is the basis for determining the color of the jewelry. There are two commonly used methods: a harmonious color match and a contrast color match. The colors that are closer to the placement point are the harmonious colors, such as red with pink, white with gray, yellow with orange, and the resulting spatial effect is harmonious and warm; contrasting colors with the placement points are contrasting colors, such as black With white, blue and other red, the resulting space effect is spiritual and energetic.

Children are always full of curiosity. They like to be exposed to new things. The immutable bedroom obviously cannot satisfy their desire to discover the world. Older children can properly change the accessories and layout of the room according to their children's personality. At this time, they must fully listen to their children's opinions. The slightly older children already have their own aesthetic tastes. They no longer like being too childish. Style and pattern. Children's rooms can be changed through the replacement of accessories, such as curtains, bed sheets, wallpapers, carpets, etc.

Do not have angular ornaments

Because the child lacks self-protection awareness, improper decoration of interior accessories can also cause harm to children. Cornered ornaments should not be used in children's rooms, such as stone ornaments, glass ornaments and wood carvings. Moreover, children's rooms should not use large areas of glass and mirrors as much as possible, and accessories and toys should be strong. Some children out of curiosity or habit, like to bite some tiny items in their mouths, it is very easy to cause accidents; the corners of the ornaments are best not to leave corners and sharp edges; on the ground, do not leave any jerky debris; At the same time, accessories and toys cannot be put too high, otherwise children will easily trip and fall when they pick and place.

Carpets can be placed on the side of a child's room or on the side of a table. This will prevent the child from accidentally falling to the ground when he goes to and from the bed, and it will also prevent the bed from falling or breaking when dropped on the floor. Causes damage to children.

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