How should the old kitchen be renovated?

If you ask where the most troublesome is the renovation of second-hand housing, then the kitchen and toilet are worthy of the first, because the two areas although the area is small, but the curved road can be complicated. Kung Fu to renovate a kitchen can definitely put out two kitchens, where the water and gas pipelines are concentrated, where they can be moved, and where they cannot be moved.

Bearing wall cannot be removed

For the old kitchen renovation, the wall surface is often the key project. The old sand and gray walls are prone to ageing, resulting in cracking of the walls. If the wall surface is better at the time of decoration, it can be patched and cracked.

If it involves the dismantling of the kitchen wall, it must first be clear whether the kitchen wall is a light wall. After the property company agrees to dismantle the wall, if the wall is a load-bearing wall, it cannot be reformed.

Tip: In the renovation of the old kitchen, do not easily dismantle the wall. First, it is difficult to solve the fume problem in the kitchen. Second, when the dust is removed, the indoor air is easily contaminated.

If the size of the house is too small, the restaurant can be moved to the kitchen.

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Cast iron pipe into PPR pipe

Kitchens have water pipes, natural gas, and heating pipes, which can cause leakage and contamination if they are not careful. The pipes of old houses are generally cast iron pipes or galvanized pipes, which are prone to corrosion. Water leakage, running of heating pipes, etc. may occur. During renovation, indoor water pipelines may be changed to PPR pipes. If the house is newer, the pipeline must also be checked for leaks.

Tip: The flow of water from the old kitchen is particularly bad. Because of the long time, the filter on the water meter side blocks a lot of rust and dirt in the tap water. So look for the decoration worker to remove the water meter and clean the filter.

Single water supply changed to dual water supply

Waterproofing is a problem that must be considered when the kitchen is remodeled. Some old houses used to be waterproof. However, after a few years or more, water may not work. When the floor tiles are removed, they may damage the waterproof. Before the water test, check whether the waterproof is damaged. If waterproof is damaged, waterproof must be done before remodeling the kitchen.

Today's buildings are generally double water supply. The kitchen of the old building is generally a single-way water supply, so when the kitchen is renovated, it is best to add a hot water pipe. If the washing machine must be placed in the kitchen, it must be connected to a water pipe.

Tip: Due to structural constraints, changes to the waterway can only be changed to water and cannot be changed.

Miscellaneous items can be found in the whole cabinet.

Lines to minimize joints

When the circuit is refurbished, electricity safety should be placed in the first place. Find the hydropower roadmap for the original kitchen renovation, which will make it easier to retrofit the current hydropower line. For the old houses, the wires must be replaced with national standard wires, and PVC insulated tubes must be worn when embedding the wires in the walls. Lines should be reduced as much as possible. If wiring is necessary, the distribution line should be well-connected and insulated and protected against moisture.

The circuit layout of the old kitchen is very weak. It is difficult for strong electric power to meet the electricity demand of modern households. Weak electricity is also not in place. The aluminum core wire and the small wire diameter of the circuit are all eliminated.

Tip: In the circuit transformation, the original lines can be kept if they meet the standards, and the new sockets and lighting circuits should be routed separately from the distribution box. Any wiring or adding power to the sockets and lighting on the original circuit will cause the overload of a single circuit. , It is easy to cause tripping or burn out of the power main gate, or even cause a fire.

â– Design

Shelf instead of wall cabinet

The old kitchen is especially important because of its small space. The overall cabinet is an important piece of furniture, so be sure to pay attention when choosing the whole cabinet. The finished product of the cabinet should be designed according to your height, cooking habits, safety, etc. The dishes, cutlery, pots and utensils can be The location of the storage is found in the whole cabinet. Cabinet cupboards can also be "simplified" into shelves. Using shelves will not reduce the storage capacity of the cabinets. They can make the kitchen more transparent, but they must choose oil-smoke-proof and easy-scrubbing materials. A layer of soot.

Note: In the cabinet design, fireproof materials should be used around the stove. Cutlery is best placed closed, classified storage in the cabinet.

The old kitchen is more open with a glyph or L-shaped layout.

Cabinet manufacturer measuring size

The transformation of the old kitchen will usually be customized with new cabinets. In addition to considering whether the quality of the cabinets is good or not, and whether the overall kitchen layout is reasonable, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether or not the cabinet manufacturers and the decoration companies are coordinated. Usually in the kitchen before the decoration, from the cabinet manufacturers to the kitchen for measurement, in addition to the size, but also to see if the various pipelines are appropriate, such as inappropriate changes. Then the designer of the cabinet handed in a remodeling drawing to the decoration company for remodeling. The use of cabinet doors is more frequent. Be sure to select good hardware to ensure long-term use.

Note: If the cabinet manufacturers do not have the standard or the construction team does not strictly do the dimensioning, there may be an interface failure, and the manufacturer and the decoration company therefore have disputes and delay the construction period.

Lamps away from the stove

It is very common for the kitchen light to be damaged quickly, the rust of the lamp holder in the kitchen, and poor contact. Therefore, in the renovation, the design and installation of the light fixture should also be emphasized. When installing kitchen lighting fixtures, the placement part should be as far away from the stove as possible, and do not let the gas and water vapor be directly contaminated. Generally a range hood or exhaust fan can solve this problem. The brightness of the light must be enough, and the kitchen with too dark light will greatly reduce the quality of the food.

Note: When replacing the kitchen light bulb, due to the long time of use, the rust is serious and the lamp holder and the lamp holder are rusted and it is difficult to remove and replace. Therefore, when installing the light bulb, applying a little medical petrolatum on the lamp holder can prevent rust.

â–  Demolition

Demolition of a 5 square meter kitchen costs a thousand dollars

The old kitchen walls, floor tiles, doors and windows, and cabinets are used throughout the year, and most owners choose to remove them when they redecorate. At present, the cost of dismantling the old house of a home improvement company is generally based on a square meter. A kitchen with a size of about 5 square meters may cost thousands of yuan for light removal.

When the old kitchen tiles, doors and windows are removed, they must be careful not to damage the concealed works such as water routes and circuits, especially the pipes and the waterproof of the bathrooms. Once it is destroyed, the toilet can easily seep downstairs. The transformation of special pipelines should be performed by gas companies.

Many are not particularly old houses. The kitchen walls are mostly light walls. Once the light walls break, repairs are very complicated and the walls are not as strong.

If old kitchens need to keep floors, cabinets, etc., they need to be protected with professional materials to avoid unnecessary losses.

For kitchens that are not old in age, in the second decoration, if the original decoration in the kitchen is not too problematic, it can be properly retained, and the wall tiles can be preserved without cracking or emptying; the floor, ceiling, hanging cabinet, etc. If the protection is usually better, it can be reused after being slightly modified or decorated.

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