Avoid 7 kinds of bad pictures destroy your home Feng Shui

Decorative paintings, hanging more or less at home, can always be the finishing touch and make your home style. But not all kinds of pictures can be hung in the home. Some unlucky pictures can be counterproductive.

IELTS decorative paintings

First, the picture is too dark or black too much to buy. Such paintings seem to have a heavy feeling, making people depressed, pessimistic, and lacking in aggressive work.

Second, the pictures of fierce wild beasts should not be purchased, otherwise the health of the family members will be poor.

Third, it is not appropriate to hang more than one figure abstract painting, because the family's emotions will be repeated, psychological imbalance, easy to nervous.

Draw a picture of sunset and sinking in the sky. Do not hung up. Therefore, the type of paintings have the effect of reducing the momentum.

Fifth, it is not appropriate to hang a large portrait of a deceased loved one, because it will cause you to do things to increase the pressure.

Sixth, it is not appropriate to hang pictures such as waterfalls, because the main family of these paintings is luck.

7. Don't hang too many red portraits, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or bad temper.

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