"Winter is not suitable for decoration" is based on the issue of inventory winter decoration

In winter, the weather is cold and dry, especially in the extreme cold regions of Northeast China. However, there are also many friends who just need to make renovations during the winter months. The winter is not suitable for decoration does not mean that the winter can not be renovated, to figure out the problems easily encountered in the winter decoration, each break, winter decoration is also possible.

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Due to the harsher construction conditions in winter than in other seasons, there are many unavoidable problems in construction in winter, which require a lot of attention:

1, because the paint spraying work must be at minus 5 degrees Celsius, so the temperature has a greater impact on it; winter climate is relatively dry, the paint concentration increases, difficult to brush; paint drying time is short, not easy to grasp the "heat "The air in the winter is relatively dry, and it is also easy to produce dust and fine sand, which affects the paint brushing quality."

2. In the winter decoration, since the plate itself is in a contracted state, if the installation is too dense at this time, the plate will heat up when the summer temperature is hot. If the construction is too small at the time, it will be deformed due to no stretching position in the future.

3, low temperature (especially with the strong wind) in the case of the material will have several effects on the surface, one is the contraction, one is the volatilization of water (especially China's cold air is mainly dry air). Taking wall paint and wood ware as an example, a sudden drop in temperature will cause sharp contractions in the interface between the paint and wood, leading to various cracking phenomena.

4, the inconvenience of materials entering and leaving, causing loss. In the north, the weather is cold in winter, and it is slippery after the snow. People wear heavy and inconvenient to move. Materials that are easily transported in the wintertime require more force in the winter, and because of slippery ground, accidental fall in handling materials may also result in material failure. Necessary loss.

5. In winter, the weather is dry. There are a large number of flammable materials in the decoration materials. When some construction sites are built, failing to pay attention to safety and fire protection often causes potential safety hazards. Often, some workers will even be exposed to fire in the interior, which is very dangerous.

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